We are so proud of you UMA

Uma during his first interview
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Even if you didn't win the grand prize... all of your friends from around the world are very proud of you! Hope this will start the realization of your dream... you will do well in showbiz because you are a good person. Don't mind what people around you think of you... just be yourself and be the better person... We miss you bestfriend. :)


Hello to my new home!

This is my home for now... Super Star Gemini


I'm transferring to SS Gemini

To my Star Cruises friends... I'll be transferring to SS Gemini this coming November 13.

Bye to my SS Virgo family and hello to my new SS Gemini family. :)

Happy Birthday Uma - November 4

Happy birthday to my friend UMA... may you have more birthdays to come!


Me together with Ben Marissa and Jasmine

Ben, Me, Marissa, and Jasmine in Singapore
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This is a picture taken in Singapore. With me are Ben and Marissa... stars of Moulin Rouge France and Jasmine of SuperStar Virgo Big Band.

Back to Acropolis onboard SS Virgo

These are some pictures sent to me by one of our previous passenger Lyn from Australia. Most of the pictures are me and the rest of the cruise staff in our Greek Day costume together with Daniel her son. :)


UMA's PBB Audition Issue

--- To those who love watching PBB please read this. I could not speak for CASS and SAM but I would like to ask you guys not to believe this rumor that's circulating right now about UMA did not audition for the part in PBB.

I would know because I was with him when he auditioned in ABSCBN and although he was one of the last auditionee he still auditioned for the part and it took a while before he got the decision of the ABSCBN management

This is nothing but a plot to destroy the credibility of my bestfriend and the ABSCBN management and the PBB show as a whole.---

Message circulating the internet

1st of 28th )
Sa lahat ng mga kapwa naming kabataan na
tumatangkilik sa PINOY BIG BROTHER, isa sa
pinakamagandang programa ng ABS-CBN,

Did you know that?
Na hindi po nag-audtion sina UMA, CASS at SAM.
Sila po ay kilala ng mga malalaking tao sa ABS-
CBN at mga pulitiko.

July 14, 2005 (CAF MILANO, Malate Manila)

Ipinatawag ni Ms. Linggit Tan sina UMA at CASS
together with Ms. Carol E., Mr. Pablito B. and
Director Lawrence Dyogi (The Voice Behind BIG

Ms. Linggit Tan - Are ready Cass? Uma? Handa na
ba kayo?

Uma - Yes, Mam,

Cass - Hindi po ba talaga kami matatangal kahit
ma nominate kami?

Director Dyogi - As what Ms. Tan said a while ago,
If ever na ma nominate kayo, kami na ang bahala.
Pero sure na hindi kayo matatangal, kayong
dalawa ang maiiwan sa bahay and after that kayo
rin ang maghahati sa money, ang risk lang you
need to give that 40% of the Total Cash Prize.
Yung house and Lot and Car sa inyo na rin yun,
who know's baka madagdagan pa ang prize diba

Ms. Liggit Tan - Yes we are working for that. Basta
do your best, UMA and CASS. Tapos if ever my na
force evict sa mga housemate, papasukin naming
si SAM. Ok?

UMA and CASS - Yes Mam!!

Ms. Linggit Tan - OK na? here's the money
10,000.00 para makabalik ka sa Davao, inform your
parent about this ok?

CASS - Thank you po!!!

Director Dyogi - CASS, UMA, basta pag
nomination na pagpasok niyo sa confession room,
nakalista sa likod ng camera kung sino ang i-vo-
vote out niyo, kayo na lang ang magbibigay ng

------- That is the First Part of the 28 scripted files
na na record namin

Know The Fact!!!

Cassandra Ponti - The Former Girlfriend and Lover
who use to be the Escort of Congressman F.B. of

UMA - Is a model and talent of ABS-CBN and MS.
Charo Santos Concio's Personal Favorite

SAM - is the "pamangkin" of Director Lawrence
Dyogi (The Voice Behing BIG

FRANZEN, CHX, SAY at si JAYSON ay pawang

Tunghayan ang mga susunod na pangyayari sa
bahay ni kuya.

Ang lahat na ito ay nai-record naming sa isang CD,
na may kasamang larawan
(picture) na nagpapatunay na niloloko lang tayo ng
ABS-CBN at pamunuan ng BIG BROTHER. Ito po
ay ilalabas namin, pagkatapos ng PINOY BIG
BROTHER o sa kaukulang panahon.

Paalala - Sa hirap ng BUHAY ngayon, hwag natin
sayangin ang 2.50 para lang magpaloko, hwag na
po tayong mag-txt o tumawag para bomoto, dahil
alam na natin ang katotohanan. Salamat Po!!!


Why Precious Lara Guigaman won the title

Here's why...

"MABUHAY! Representing the democratic and freedom loving people of the Pearl of the Orient, I am Precious Lara Guigaman, from the beautiful country of THE PHILIPPINES"

One of the difficult questions asked was:

Q: "What do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted
Filipinos as nannies?"

Precious Lara: "I take no offence on being typecasted as a nanny. But I do take offence that the educated people of the world have somehow denegrated the true sense and meaning of what a nanny is. Let me tell you what she is. She is someone who gives more than she takes. She is someone you trust to look after the very people most precious to you - your child, the elderly, yourself. She is the one who has made a living out of caring and loving other people. So to those who have typecasted us as nannies, thank you. It is a testament to the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people. And for that, I am forever proud and grateful of my roots and culture."

(She received a deafening applause from the audience.)


Remembering the past...

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Still can remember the days when I was with my friends... Back in the Philippines.

On the picture Tara (ABSCBN), UMA (PinoyBigBrothers), Moi, Wella (ABSCBN)


Super Star Virgo

Super Star Virgo
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This is our ship... My home for 9 more months... I miss Manila but thanks to my friends this ship is starting to feel like home away from home.

Team Building in Phuket

Team Building in Phuket
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This was at the German Club in Phuket, Thailand where we had our team building... Friends from the Philippines, Malaysia and Korea...

From left: Me, JP, Herel, Leonard, Myla, Harold and Goldie.

Please support my Bestfriend

Thanks to those who voted for my friend UMA in Pinoy Big Brothers... Keep those votes coming... see you best in a few more months. :)


Me and the DragQueens of Super Star Virgo

Here's a glimps of the beautiful people onboard Super Star Virgo


From Left (Ayan, Harold (Philippines), Leonard (Malaysia), and Partick (Malaysia)) Right after a show at the Lido theater.


Please support my Bestfriend Uma

Uma Khouny
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Please vote for my friend Uma in Pinoy Big Brother...

I miss you best! Hope you win the grand prize! See you in 9 months in the Philippines.


Mamak Mia!!!

How's everyone doing? Anyway just making sure all of you guys are stisll ok. Anyway I'm so excited with the new musical we're rehearsing called Mamak Mia.

An original musical revolving about a Malaysian girl Mia who works for a store called Mamak. It deals with the difficulties of a struggling artist who gets discovered and later finds out that she has to make it big not just for herself but to be able to help her family and support her sick mom.

Mia later on meets an Indian man named Rahul who hails from a rich clan and easily the two fell in love with each other... The story becomes complicated when Rahul's parents asks Mia to leave their son alone saying that she is not the one they want their son to marry.

Rahul and Mia faught for their love and made a promise that they will not let anything stop them from expressing their love for one another. On the night of Mia's first concert Rahul told Mia the bad news. His parents have already arranged a marriage for him with a girl he haven't met and don't love and threatens Rahul that they will remove him from their will and will no longer call him their son if he doesn't follow their wish.

What will happen to Mia now? Can she still go through with her first major concert? Will Rahul choose Mia over his parents?

The musical is set to run September or October this year with songs from the great group ABBA.


Malaysia Bole!

We just arrived at Penang, Malaysia this afternoon... again I can't get off the ship today due to my busy sched. I had my first day of Crowd Management Training today. I'm so excited since later I will be a part of the Crew's Show entitled "BEYOND BROADWAY". I'll be dancing this time with the rest of the cruise staff people. I'll be doing CATS and will be dancing in a small part in JOSEPH THE DREAMER. I also will play the part of OB1 in our version of STARWARS where I'll have a fight scene with my co-cruise staff who's from Vietnam.Wish me luck guys! Hopefully I don't make a fool of my self later.

Anyway, I'm so excited because there's a considerable number of Filipino passengers this trip. I even saw my old gym mate back in the Philippines (Fitness First) here in SuperStar Virgo, Tita Tina and her brother. We got to talk about a few stuff and chatted after our cowboy show last night. They were so surprised to see me here since I wasn't able to tell them I was gonna work here.

By the way last Saturday was a blast! I had my first ever solo performance and it was held at the Grand Piazza, the mid-ship part of VIRGO next to the reception area. I really had fun singing infront of all those people there and got a number of good comments but I know I still have to further improve on my singing to make it better next time.

More stories next time... :)


Viva Singapore!

Got to Singapore safe and sound. Went on duty the same day and I'm already missing the Philippines. I miss going to the malls and watching movies with my friends and family but I'm enjoying my stay here at Super Star Virgo.

We went to Malaysia last Sunday but didn't get the chance to get off the ship to shop or anything because I have so many things to do. This morning though I was able to get off the ship to eat lunch at a local cafeteria in Phuket Thailand. As usual the food is very spicy. Bought mangoes and fruits from the store near the port.

I can't post pictures yet since the computer here in the ship doesn't have the option for me to do that. (too bad!)

Anyway I'm very excited because next week I'll be included in our theater show called Beyond Broadway showcasing a number of popular broadway musicals. I might be singing a song from the musical Miss Saigon and Phantom of the Opera but still don't know which part.

Anyway next week I'll be doing a number with another cruise staff at our weekly Gala Fashion show. Life here is hard but at the same time fun because I get to do what I love doing and that is to entertain people.


I'm leaving this Friday

See you guys in Singapore
I'll be leaving this Friday 8AM bound for Hongkong then Singapore
Gonna be gone for 10 months but keep on checking this site
I will post my schedules and destination so you (my friends, family, and every one who gives a damn) would know what's happening to me.


Sayonara Guys! I'll miss you all!

Leaving on a jet plane
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"Leaving on a jet plane"

I'm ... I'm ...

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn
The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could die

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

I'm ...

There's so many times I've let you down
So many times I've played around
I'll tell you now, they don't mean a thing

Every place I go, I think of you
Every song I sing, I sing for you
When I come back I'll wear your wedding ring

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time, oh, let me kiss you
And close your eyes and I'll be on my way

Dream about the days to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times that I won't have to say ...

Oh, kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

And I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go

But I'm leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
Leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
Leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
Leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
Leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
Leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
Leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
Leaving on a jet plane
(Ah ah ah ah)
(Leaving) On a jet plane


Please pray for my mom

Man I'm so tired today... just got to the hospital to check on my mom from manila. I had to go to MARINA and get my first seaman's book and go to CHED (Commission on Higher Education) to have my Transcript and Diploma validated.

Anyway my mom's supposed to have an operation today but her blood pressure went up so the operation had to be called off. I guess my mom was kinda nervous. Hope everything goes well tomorrow. As for me I think I need to take a rest.


Moi, Ana Davila and Johan Ekidum

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Bumped into my old friends last week after being away from manila for two days for our Practical Exercises in Tanza Cavite, hence the tan. Damn! I miss these guys!


Paolo Ballesteros, Moi, and Lee

Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Had fun watching Herbie the other week with Rose and guess who we bumped into? Our old friends Paolo and Lee. Paolo just got back from the US and man I didn't recognize him... Had to stare at him for 10 seconds before I could react after he called my name. :) Hahahaha!


Goodbye Philippines

I'm leaving on the 29th for a hosting job abroad and won't be back for 10 months!

I'll miss you all guys! :) Keep on checking this site for updates and pictures.


Upuan ("Chair")

I bumped into this video from PUP's website. It's a video that won an award in the PUP Ad Clash 2004. The video conveys the sad state of Philippine Education but inspite of the limited resources the country still manages to produce a highly skilled work force through state universities like the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

By the way... to those who are asking... that ain't me on the video... Hehehe!

You can view the video at http://centennial.pup.edu.ph/media/avid.asp

An old chair

"It's not about the chair"

"Reserved for VIP"

Guy sits on the chair

"It's the person sitting on the chair"

PUPian, That's PUP

"Have something to prove"

"Nation's light for 100 years"

Pedestrialization of Teresa Street

I went to PUP today to process my papers since I'll be leaving the country soon to work abroad. The university has undergone alot of changes and I'm happy that most of these changes are for the better. I love what they did to Teresa Street. I used to walk here on my way to the university before when I was still a student and believe me if you knew how it looked like before you would agree with me that the pedestrialization of this street is really something that the Manila government should be proud of.

The street became student / pedestrian friendly, cleaner and more organized with the pavement renovated to accomodate the volume of people, and alot colorful with the new light posts.

Kudos to Mayor Lito Atienza for making this possible!


Shake it off

Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Ok, so I find this song really cool and I heard it's the next single Mariah will be releasing from her latest album.

Here's the lyrics... enjoy guys!

Shake it off
Mariah Carrey

I gotta shake you off
Cause the loving ain't the same
And you keep on playing games
Like you know I'm here to stay
I gotta shake you off
Just like the Calgon commercial
I really gotta get up outta here
And go somewhere
I gotta shake you off
Gotta make that move
Find somebody who
Appreciates all the love I give
Boy I gotta shake you off
Gotta do what's best for me
Baby and that means I gotta
Shake you off

By the time you get this message
It's gonna be too late
So don't bother paging me
Cause I'll be on my way
See I grabbed all my diamonds and clothes
Just ask your mama she knows
You're gonna miss me, baby
Hate to say I told you so
Well at first I didn't know
But now it's clear to me
You would cheat with all your freaks
And lie compulsively
So I packed up my Louis Vuitton
Jumped in your ride and took off
You'll never ever find a girl
Who loves you more than me

I gotta shake you off
Cause the loving ain't the same
And you keep on playing games
Like you know I'm here to stay
I gotta shake you off
Just like the Calgon commercial
I really gotta get up outta here
And go somewhere
I gotta shake you off
Gotta make that move
Find somebody who
Appreciates all the love I give
Boy, I gotta shake you off
Gotta do what's best for me
Baby, and that means I gotta
Shake you off

I gotta shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it off [repeat]

I found out about a gang
Of your dirty little deeds
With this one and that one
By the pool, on the beach, in the streets
Heard y'all was
Hold up, my phone's breakin' up
I'm a hang up and call the machine right back
I gotta get this off of my mind
You wasn't worth my time
So, I'm leaving you behind
Cause I need a real love in my life
Save this recording because
I'm never coming back home
Baby, I'm gone
Don't cha know

I gotta shake you off
Cause the loving ain't the same
And you keep on playing games
Like you know I'm here to stay
I gotta shake you off
Just like the Calgon commercial
I really gotta get up outta here
And go somewhere
I gotta shake you off
Gotta make that move
Find somebody who
Appreciated all the love I give
Boy, I gotta shake you off
Gotta do what's best for me
Baby, and that means I gotta
Shake you off



GO SEE on Thursday July 14 2005

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What: GO SEE for a Fashionshow scheduled for JULY at the Shangri-la Hotel Ortigas

When: July 14 2005 Thursday at 2PM

Where: Shangri-la Mall Ortigas - Pictures and Profiles Ground Floor next to DOME Cafe


5'8 up in height
modeling experience is an advantage
Class A to B models

5'10 up in height
modeling experience is an advantage
Class A to B models

For more details contact Ayan at 09178233726 or Marlon at 09197190653 or call IDEALmodels at 4357441 or email models_ideal@yahoo.com or ayan.deato@gmail.com


Ayan in different angles

Ayan's Different Angles
Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Just playing around with the net cam!

Do you have what it takes?

Originally uploaded by AyanD.

We are pooling freelance or aspiring/new models for our upcoming TVCs & Print Ads, Bar Tours, Promos and Exciting Events.

If you believe you've got what it takes to be the next top model and event host, then join us NOW and be discovered! Come to any of our series of GO-SEEs every Saturday from June 25 to July 16, from 1-4 pm @ 7th Flr FBR Arcade, 317 Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights QC (right across the ATENEO)

Requirements for the models are: 16-25 years old Height of At least 5'5" for females and 5'8" for males slim to toned built, fair to tanned skin tone any race good looking and confident Photogenic....clear complexion is a plus. Please bring at least 2 3R pictures (head and body shots) or your set card if available. For inquiries please call IDEAL MODELS INTERNATIONAL @ 4357441/4342894 or 09197190653(look for Marlon OR Ayan) or email us at models_ideal@yahoo.com


Filipino's love for good food

Filipino Cuisine
Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Since I was a kid I have always loved eating and trying out all sorts of dishes ranging from Asian, American, European and even those exotic dishes. I guess it's because I've always been the adventurous type of guy that likes to try out something new all the time.

I can still remember when I was a kid, I would always try to help out in the kitchen especially during the yearly "barangay fiesta" instead of playing with the other kids outside and watch the street parades or join the street games.

Food has always been a part of the Filipino culture something I guess that makes us standout. Filipinos love to celebrate and with each celebration I bet you there would always be good food; One good example is our Christmas. The country has the longest Christmas and if you are a Filipino you know how fun and how much preparation is being put into it being a Christian country and all. Much of the preparation usually goes to the gifts, parties and ofcourse food.

If you wanna see how much Filipinos love food, try to get in a cab in the Philippines and close your eyes for a minute and I bet that when you open your eyes the first thing you'll see has something to do with food may it be a gigantic billboard, a guy eating fishball, a fruit stand, a fastfood restaurant etc.

Filipinos also love making their own "sawsawan" (dips) to compliment what they're eating. The most common are vinegar, "bagoong" (fish paste), "patis" (fish sauce), soysauce, chopped tomatoes, onions and green mangoes mixed together and alot more. There's a special "sawsawan" depending on the dish and the fun thing is that you can make your own.

To be continued...



Originally uploaded by AyanD.

ABS-CBN bought the rights to air one of the most successful reality TV shows in Europe, "Big Brother." The franchise started in Amsterdam, Holland in 1999 and is now on its seventh season there and in England. In Australia, it’s on its sixth season. The show’s representatives, Ed Sharples and Anoushka Ban explained to us the mechanics of the game.

Six men and six women contestants will be chosen and they will be confined inside a specially designed house (now being constructed near ABS-CBN) for three months without any communication to the outside world. No phone, no TV, no radio, no watches, no books or writing materials, just the daily challenges to be given them to fulfill.

All their moves will be monitored on TV and shown daily like in "The Truman Show." Each week, viewers will text their vote as to who’d be eliminated. In the end, the lone survivor will win a house and lot, a car, and P1 million.

"The show is now a success in 30 countries," says Ed. "We’ve just started it in Thailand and The Philippines is the 31st country. Next would be Serbia and the Czech Republic. All applicants will be subjected to a battery of physical and psychological exams to determine if they’d really be fit for the show.

The moment you decide to leave the house, you can no longer come back. The contestants usually become very popular. One contestant in Croatia sneaked out to watch a soccer match he wanted to see so much. When the TV cameras focused on him and the people saw him, he was mobbed. It was only then he realized how popular he has become because of his exposure in the show. So far, we have two couples who have gotten married after meeting in the show and they now have their own children who we call Big Brother babies."

Who give up more often: men or women? "The ladies as they get so homesick or they feel they’re not treated well by their housemates. So far, we’ve had one gay winner and another who’s a transsexual, so it’s not really a matter of gender."

ABS-CBN is now looking for the 12 finalists. If you’re between 21 to 38 and want to apply, call 1-800-5-223-5892 or (02) 929-5892. Who knows, you might end taking home all those big prizes!


My Reason for Living

You are the only one in this world that could bring a smile to my face.

Never did I believe that we would be here together, and so deeply in love.

You are my heart, my world, my everything. I don't know what I would do without you.

I want to say thank you for coming into my life and showing me true love.

Thank you for showing me that there is such a thing as happiness. That happiness is being with you.

With all of my heart, I will be loving you.

People Power Again?

Originally uploaded by AyanD.

What? Another People Power in the making? As if this country needs another one. I personally DON'T THINK SO. What pisses me is that these so called ANTI-GLORIA leaders are just in it for their own political gains. I don't have anything personal against them or in favor of GMA (btw I didn't vote for her just to make it clear) but come on... haven't we learned from our past?

Everytime there's talk about corruption in the government, political parties would go all out to get things going for them even to the extent of ousting a president. What they don't understand or fail to understand is that everytime they do this they divide the country and again puts the country in a situation where investors would feel uneasy to be putting in money to the country. These rich politicians don't care since they're rich and powerful and can leave the country anytime they wish.

I don't want to name names. I don't want these politicians to use me to make their names known to people who don't need to know their names in the first place. I just hope they realize what they're doing before it's too late.

GOD save this country!

Beauty and the Beast (The Musical)

Originally uploaded by AyanD.

I bumped into an old friend Aiza Marquez the other day on my way home from a VTR in Makati and she hasn't change a bit... She's still as pretty as and as funny as always.

It's been a while since we last saw each other and it was fun because we had the chance to talk for a while and hangout. We got to talk about the Musical Beauty and the Beast and she told me her friends KC Concepcion and Karel Marquez are playing the lead role. I promised I'll watch the show... hopefully with my friends Uma, Rose and the rest of the gang before it's last run on July 17.

Anyway here's an article about the show.

For its 2005 offering, Atlantis Productions has secured the exclusive rights to stage in the Philippines the smash hit Broadway family musical, Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

One of the most anticipated musicals of the year, Atlantis Productions' staging of Disney's Beauty and the Beast has found two leading ladies to play the title role.

KC Concepcion will return to Manila from her studies in Paris to sing the lead role of Belle, the intelligent and opinionated Beauty who learns to love a young Prince trapped in the body or a Beast. KC has always loved Disney animated films, Beauty and the Beast being one of her favorites along with Alice in Wonderland. Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST marks her return to the musical stage after nearly a four year absence.

Alternating with KC Concepcion is MYX VJ, Karel Marquez, who will be marking her professional stage debut. Karel fell in love with the Animated Disney Classic as a little girl and is thrilled to be able to play the role now.

Already a legend as the sixth longest-running show in Broadway history (and the second longest running show currently still playing on Broadway), "Beauty and the Beast" was nominated for nine 1994 Tony Awards including Best Musical. This spectacular musical has been wowing audiences worldwide, with record-breaking runs in New York, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Kyoto. It opens in Manila on June 16th for a limited Engagement at the Meralco Theatre.

Directing Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is critically acclaimed director Bobby Garcia. Joining him on the stellar creative team are Choreographer Andy Alviz, Costume Designer Mio Infante, Lighting Designer Jay Aranda, Sound Designer Bobbit Jacinto, Assistant Director Chari Arespacochaga and Visual Illusionist Eric Mana.


I'm Sorry...

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Have you seen the footage of GMA when she gave her statement last Monday? I personally don't know if I would still believe her after all the things that have been said. She said on her statement that she was anxious to protect her votes and admits that she talked with alot of people, including COMELEC (Commission on Elections) official, Garcillano. I do admire her for her courage to admit what she did although she still denies that the elections was rigged.

Here's an article from The Manila Times regarding the said interview.

FINALLY breaking her silence, President Arroyo apologized Monday for talking with an election official about her hopes for a million-vote margin in last year’s election, calling it a lapse in judgment.

But the President said she did nothing wrong and would not resign.

In a nationally televised speech, she appealed for unity as she addressed the three-week-old political crisis over the wire­tapped phone conversation that has sparked calls for her to resign with five years still left in her term.

“I recognize that making any such call was a lapse in judgment,” Mrs. Arroyo said somberly as she looked into the camera. “I am sorry. I also regret taking so long to speak before you on this matter.”

Opposition Sen. Panfilo Lacson was not persuaded by the President’s explanation. “Now that she has authenticated [the tape], she must vacate,” Lacson said minutes after Mrs. Arroyo’s speech.

He said the President’s admission has left more questions than answers. “Lalo kaming na­li­lito sa kanyang pag-amin sa unang pagka­kataon. Ang maliwanag na lumahok siya sa pan­da­raya [We’re more confused now that she has admitted; what is clearer is that she has participated in rigging the election],” Lacson said.

Environment Secretary Michael Defensor said MalacaƱang expects from the opposition a barrage of tirades against the President.

“[Her admission] will be acceptable to the people, but I am sure the opposition will have the second chapter to this issue,” he said. “Believe me, those who want to boot the President out of MalacaƱang will make another telenovela out of this.”

The President went on: “I take full responsibility for my actions. To you and to all those good citizens who may have had their faith shaken by this event, I want to assure you that I have redoubled my efforts to serve the nation and earn your trust.”

She said she had made progress in her re­form agenda and asked the people to move on.

“I want to close this chapter and move on with the business of governing.”

In her television address, Mrs. Arroyo did not categorically say she was the woman in the audio recordings.

It was far from clear whether her statement would appease the opposition and leftist groups that have allied against her and held street protests. Several congressional committees began hearings last week on the wiretapped tapes.


I should get a life!

Roasted Peanuts
Originally uploaded by AyanD.

With a cup of roasted peanuts on my right hand and ipod on my left I go through the rest of the night working for this call center in Ayala. Well what more could I ask for? I don't get to feel the heat of the afternoon sun and I get paid just by talking to people half away across the world.

Yeah right! Working for a call center has been my life for more than 3 years now and I've decided to end it. It has it's advantages as well as it's disadvantages. Call Center life is definitely a lifestyle changing career and if you're not really meant for it I suggest you don't try it.

I guess the reason why people specially young individuals go for call center jobs is because it pays more than what an ordinary paying job could offer. Some would think that it's something that you could be proud of... To think you get paid just by talking to someone on the phone or chatting with someone to resolve their issues.

Yeah call center life is good when you still enjoy it and if the management that runs the company is not just profit but as well as employee centered.

I wouldn't think twice working for another call center after this job but I would try to be more picky with the call center I'll invest my time and my lifestyle in.

Damn I really need to get a massage! Hehehe!

Let the countdown begin... 17 days to go before I leave this company.


iPod Shuffle

iPod shuffle
Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Just got another wish granted! I'm now a proud owner of this cool gadget and I'm having so much fun with it!

Simplicity is definitely in thanks to this small gadget.

Here are some info about the iPod Shuffle...

Apple's first flash MP3 player drops LCD screen and complicated controls in favor of simplistic 'song shuffle' style. Basically, iTunes' AutoFill randomly picks 120 songs for you during sync from your favorite playlist. iPod shuffle also recharges via USB, and doubles as a 512MB USB flash drive as well.

Pros: Stylish; no learning curve; excellent endurance factor, on par with system-grade flash memory.

Cons: Overly simplified process of random song selection; slow transfer speed; difficult to tell volume level.

Verdict: The Apple iPod shuffle is affordable and stylish, yet iTunes' AutoFill function needs some more work.

As the most simplistic portable audio design we've seen to date, the Apple $99 iPod shuffle will appeal to music fans who are less enthusiastic about exploring the functionality on a feature-bloated audio player and/or more concerned of the state of their bank balance.

iPod shuffle - a Screen-less MP3 Player?

What catches you eyes the most on the iPod shuffle is perhaps the lack of features. At the peak of technology convergence, it seems rare to find a MP3 player with no provision of a screen, voice recorder, FM tuner and even equalizers, all of which are present on the all-in-one competitors from Creative, iRiver and Samsung. But minimalism is what Apple iPod shuffle is all about, whether you like it or not is another story.

There is just one circular control with great tactile feedback on the main side of the player, which handles the volume adjustment, navigation and play/pause. The "Hold" is toggled on and off by holding the circular play button for 3 seconds. When you press on the buttons, the hidden LEDs will blink to indicate an activity. Most buttons are very self-explanatory so the provided Apple cheat sheet may probably be unnecessary, but it is a nice touch for less tech-savvy.

Shuffle at work

With a regular flash memory-based MP3 player, you either export an entire playlist and select songs individually into the device. With iPod shuffle, you simply hit Autofill - an exclusive iTunes 4.7.1 or later feature - to have the jukebox software picking out songs for you at random or in their original order from a playlist or the entire library. Unfortunately, iTunes needs a smarter selection criteria, because you don't have much control over what may get picked besides telling iTunes to choose higher rated songs more often.


GreenZap The New Money

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Greenzap.com online payments

If you guys haven't heard of Greenzap yet and do alot of purchases over the internet try checking it out at www.greenzap.com

Just by openning a free account and putting a referrer's id you automatically get $25. Not bad for a free account.

If you want put ayan2005 as your referrer so you could get that free $25 on your webcash account.

Check their website for more details.

With a GreenZap online payments account, you can send money to anyone. And once they open their account, they'll find a little something from us to get them started - $25 in FREE WebCash.


Kineda Asian Blog Directory

Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Hey guys... this site is featured at Kineda's website... Check it out here.

What is the network?
The Kineda Network is a member supported, non-profit network created as an inspiration guide for Asian bloggers around the world.

Why join?
The Kineda Network aims to promote, inspire and bring order to one of the fastest growing web audiences on the Internet. Joining the network puts your blogging in front of millions of eyes each month, helping to expose your blog to a much larger audience.


Models Org

What is MODELS?

MODELS: Developing individuals, communities and the world.

MODELS, An acronym for "Media Organization, Development, Enhancement and Leadership Structure."

Together, we pursue our mission: To contribute to the development our countries and the world through each individual.

In pursuit of this mission, MODELS facilitates personality development programs between its members. MODELS aims to provide an environment promulgating and integrating the values of academic institutions for members to discover and develop their potentials by providing personality development workshops, seminars, conferences and interscholastic linkages in an international and local platform.



We are currently looking for Male and Female models for our new Modeling Agency. If you think you have what it takes please don't hesitate to send your pictures and stats / info to ayan.deato@gmail.com

The name of the agency is IdealModels located in FBR Arcade building right infront of The Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan QC. We will also be launching our company website soon.

If you pass our online screening we will schedule you for an interview ASAP.


Events, Fashion, and Talent Management

As I've said in my post Goodbye eTelecare, resigning from my current job was a decision that was so difficult for me to do. There were so many things in my mind that time. What's gonna happen to me? What if I made the wrong move? What if I end up feeling sorry for myself in the end?

So many questions so many fears, but in the end it all sums up to the question "AM I STILL HAPPY?"

Now, looking back at that decision I made, I feel more assured that what I did was the right thing. I can't stay in a job that I don't like. I can't continue fooling myself that things are gonna be better. I know it would sound to mushy but I can't stop fearing for the worst. I got so used to the corporate life after working as a regular employee for so many years. But in life we have to make a decision... something that will change our lives as we know it.

I got a call from a friend the other day who offered me a job as a PR Manager for his new Talent Agency. I thought the idea was great and that I would love to work with my friend and do something that I like doing. The other day while surfing the net at Robinson's Galeria an old friend who owns a modeling agency approached me out of nowhere asking me if I'm still interested to be one of their models / talents. This morning I got a call from a friend who's into events and marketing asking me to head an event scheduled on July and will run until August. Oh I forgot I still have my pending work as a host in this cruise ship bound for Asia.

I guess resigning is the best thing I ever did... and there's no turning back.

I can't stop but smile and look forward to my new life... Wish me luck!


Make Poverty History

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Every single day, 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty. This year, 2005, we finally have the resources, knowledge and opportunity to end this shameful situation.

That's what this website is about. Join the band of people who are taking action to make poverty history. It only needs to take you a matter of minutes every month, but it will help us to literally change the world.

If this is your first visit to the site these are the 3 things you should do - join us now, get a white band & find out more.

Free and Commercial Hotspots

I'm trying to make a list of the different hotspots here in the Philippines.
And here is a short list of free and commercial hotspots I gathered from the web.

Free HotSpots
1. Cyberzone, SM Megamall Building B (Philcom)
2. Jollibee, branch in Cebu beside Holiday Plaza (Dominion FREE)
3. Baywalk - in front of Max's Resto (EG 6 FREE)
2. Mabini cor. Salas (linksys FREE)
3. Shell - Magallanes (linksys FREE)
4. Starbucks Greenbelt 3 near the lagoon
5. Mobile 1 Park Square Makati (FREE)
6. Palm Store Glorietta 4th Floor (FREE)
7. Starbucks G4 (FREE_
8. McDonald's Lacson, Bacolod (FREE, but testing lang yata when i tried)
9. Manila Peninsula (FREE)
10. Shargri-la Hotels, main lobby. (FREE) - ibang IP block, i think from US.
11. University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) - lobby, lumalampas hangang parking... (FREE)
12. BaanG Coffee, Timog (FREE)
13. Ashcreek, Madison Street corner Ortigas Avenue (FREE)
14. The Podium (FREE)
15. Pier One, The Fort (FREE)
16. Glorietta Makati e-Lounge (FREE)
17. Chef and Brewer Bar and Restaurant, Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center (FREE)
18. Pier One, Boracay (FREE)
19. Nebit - Central Park Subd. Matina, Davao City (Free)
20. BlueGRE - Pryce Business Park, JP Laurel Avenue Bajada, Davao City (Free)
21. Bastis Brew- Victoria Plaza, JP Laurel Avenue Bajada, Davao City (Free)

Commercial HotSpots
1. Seattle's Best, E. Rodriguez (NOT FREE)
2. PAL Airport departure (NOT FREE)
3. Seattle's Best / Kenny Rogers, Katipunan, Ateneo (NOT FREE, airborneaccess din)
4. ADMU Faura Hall (student and faculty access only)
5. DLSU (student access only)
6. UP Diliman (student access only)

If you guys know more please feel free to post a comment here.
Note: This list is for the Philippines only.


Thank you eBay.ph

D-Link Air
Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Had the opportunity today to try out eBay.com.ph and got myself a WIFI card for my laptop. I guess the reason why I never tried it before is because I'm just not so used to dealing or transacting with people or doing business online but I told myself what the heck?

Anyway I got inspired to try it myself because most of my friends have tried bidding online at eBay and they got cool stuff for half of the market price so I told myself it's time to try it.

I tried creating an account at eBay last week and made my first bid 5 days ago or so and believe me it's really fun and at the same time addictive because you're thinking that someone might outbid you. Especially if you really like the item.

Anyway I won the bid and got the product today and really am very pleased with the wireless card I got. Plus got to go online for free at the podium using their wireless access.

Check out the specs here:

Product Description

D-Link, the industry leader in wireless networking, introduces the new and improved DWL-650, part of the D-LinkAirTM family of award winning wireless products. The DWL-650 is a 32-bit Wireless Cardbus Adapter capable of transfer data with a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 11Mbps*, giving you the ability to connect to a wireless network at home, at the office or at wireless hotspots. Now, with the DWL-650 in your notebook PC, you can stay connected wherever you are and wherever you go.

The DWL-650 is Wi-Fi compatible, meaning that it can connect and interoperate with other 802.11b wireless routers, access points and adapters. With its quick and easy installation along with driver support for Windows XP, 2000, Me, and 98SE; the DWL-650 ensures that you will be up and running on a wireless network in just a matter of seconds. Now, you can have wireless connection over standard 32-bit cardbus architecture for optimal performance capability. The DWL-650 also features up to 128-bit WEP encryption to provide a level of security for information that you wirelessly transmit.

Using its default settings, the DWL-650 automatically connects to other D-LinkAirTM products as soon as its active.


No more GIMIKs

So I haven't had the chance to go out for the longest time. Not that I'm complaining or what since it's my choice.

I guess everyone gets to a point when staying at a friend's place talking about total nonesense and updating each other with your stories until you get bored, or having coffee with your special someone and staring at each other without uttering a word, or just simply watching a movie with your family could feel more relaxing than going on an alcohol frenzy at a bar on a Friday night (or any night for that matter).

Been so happy with the fact that things are going great for me and my friends. Uma is gonna have a show on TV which will start airing July 28 called Club TV with Tim Yap, Lora, and Gary Valenciano's kid (I forgot his name). Rose got the job as a member of Speed (an all girl dance group with regular gigs in Club TV and SOP) and I got the job at the cruise ship and most probably be leaving for Malaysia August or September (once I finish processing all these paperworks and damn requirements! Arg!)

Who knows what the future holds for all of us but at least the futures seems to be bright for me and my friends. But I know I will miss them so much when I leave the country. I also hate leaving behind my family but I guess it's something that we must do to experience what life has to offer for us. I also miss seeing my friends from Guam Kin, Benita, Ron and the rest. I wish I could pay them a visit instead of just them always going here in the Philippines. Who knows maybe I'll be able to go there sooner than expected. For now I just wanna take one step at a time... enjoy life... live it to the fullest... hey I'm young I should be happy. :)


Goodbye Etelecare!

Finally I made up my mind... I'm resigning from my current job in Etelecare. I just passed my resignation letter last night which will take effect starting July 15.

It was really hard for me to decide since I had to consider so many things but I guess when it's time to leave, it's time to leave.

I made a list of the things that I will miss and won't miss working for Etelecare in no particular order... Etel and ex-Etel employees will agree with me on this for sure. Hehehe!

Things I will miss working in Etelecare:

(1) My friends - people come and go but the friendship will always remain
(2) My boss - I was lucky to have worked with 6 supervisors in the span of my stay in the company but only 4 made a mark and really made me feel at home... Thanks to TL Victoria, TL Jenny, TL Mandy, and TL Vera for the time and the lessons you taught me.
(3) Unlimited Ice Tea and Coffee in the pantry
(4) Home-made sandwiches / Tacos / Burritos / Steak with mashed potatoes from my favorite "tindera" at the 21st floor of CC3
(5) Walking to and from work from my condominium
(6) Working out at Fitness First Eastwood or Makati and rushing to work after
(7) Team and Company GAs with my co-workers... Astoria, Puerto Galera, Batangas, Laguna, Tagaytay etc.
(8) Checking my ATM every 15th and 30th of the month for my salary (heheheh!)

Things I won't miss working in Etelecare:

(1) Sleeping in the morning and working at night
(2) Not knowing what time it is
(3) Not knowing what date it is
(4) Missing out on family and especial occassions because of work
(5) Going to work on holidays and weekends
(6) Not seeing my old friends and not being able to spend time with them
(7) PAC - I'm not saying everyone is a pain in the a_s but there are really so many power trippers here... I feel sorry for them though. Good thing I'm leaving and won't have to deal with you people anymore.
(8) I definitely won't miss seeing Ms. Piggy and Minnie Mouse (Who are they? Well I really can't tell you guys their real names but they're both SOICs and I don't think they're doing a great job as SOICs)

To my previous teams... Team Puerto Galera, Team Lynx, Team Arwen, Team Evolution, Team Grimlock, and Team Bruno... I will definitely miss you all... thanks for the friendship.

To Matrix Wave 6, I still believe that we are the best wave in Matrix!

To Team Charlie of foundation... I miss you guys!

To my friends from Ecare / HR / Frontdesk / Recruiting 'til we meet again.



My E-Smile Button

originally uploaded by AyanD.
Here's my E-Smile Button

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project. You're donation will definitely make a big difference in the lives of these kids. :)


E-Smile Part 2


These are the faces of children whose lives will permanently change for the better.

Because of your help, they will no longer have to endure a life of ridicule and the social stigma associated with having facial deformities.

Soon, their real voices will finally be heard.

For those who bought the E-Smile buttons, and the Angels of E members who volunteered, you definitely have one good reason to smile as well… because you helped make this possible.

Thank You!


Rose Gold, Calatagan Batangas


The Cottages 1

The Cottages 2


The Beach 1


The Floating Cottages


The Open Sea

The Sunset

Etelecare Global Solutions - Matrix (Technical Support Business Unit) had it's team building / summer outing in Rose Gold Beach Resort in Calatagan Batangas last June 3.

I didn't really like the place that much... the sand wasn't as white as that of Boracay or even Puerto Galera. Another reason why I didn't like the place is becuase there ain't no part of the beach where you can swim because the water is too low for swimming unless you walk to the far end, but you still won't be able too swim because you'll get yourself hurt by the big corals.

My co-worker said that during high tide the water goes up a little over the waist. Too bad we got there on a low tide. Well on the bright side we still have the sand and the beach for ourselves. The management prepared a small program and a number of games for the group so it wasn't a waste after all. After the game we walked through the knee-high sea water and check out the starfishes, corals, small fishes along the sides of the beach then we went to the club house and took a swim in the resort's swimming pool while the others sing their hearts out on the club's videoke while drinking beer.

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