Thailand St formerly Rada Street

The Thailand Embassy Emblem

La Maison Rada Condo

The Lobby 2

The Lobby

I love my new place... It's close to everything. It's a 2 bedroom unit and it's just 5 minutes walk to Ayala and Greenbelt. I went there tonight and met up with my cousin who I will be spending the rest of my stay at our new place.

I wanted to move in earlier this month right after we left our old apartment in Wack Wack but I had to get the approval of my parents first. So this morning I just told my mom I can't travel back and fort to the office everyday especially that the office is too far from where our house is.

Anyway I decided to post some pictures of the place. It's called La Maison Rada Condo along Thailand Street (formerly Rada Street) in Makati City. The building is not really new but it's well maintained. It's situated in the middle of the Thailand and Austrian embassy.


How Insane am I?

How INSaNe are you?
Moderately Insane - You are unexpectedly insane in small bursts but rational the rest of the time. You are terrifying.
'How Insane are You?' at QuizGalaxy.com


Why I'm not cut out for my job...

Time does pass by so fast... come July 2 I will be regularized. In the past months of my stay in this company as a Case Manager, I realized that I might be in the wrong profession. I say that proudly and defiantly for the following reasons:

1. I love sleeping at night! I hate waking up at night and sleeping at day. I need my beauty sleep.
2. I look too young, too boyish and too nice.
3. I don't refer to myself as the "Case Manager" or "Tatay Ayan" to my rep babies.
4. I don't carry a briefcase or wear fancy office clothes.
5. I hate deadlines - I don't need extra stress.
6. I detest kissing ass. I hate "using my connections."
7. I hate being the ash-tray for other people's issues.
8. I have a short attention span.
9. I'm too transparent with my feelings.
10. Not a lot of Dreamy Case Managers out there.


You can't lose what you never had.

How come the best ones are either taken or married? And how come those who you least like are the ones who keep on pushing themselves to you?

I just don't get it!

Is it just me or is it just the way things work?

Ok so I've been meeting people and I'm starting to get a bit tired of it. I mean, when you're starting to like each other you'll find out that hey you're falling for someone who's already taken. What's up with that? Either that or you'll find out that one of you or both of you are just dating just for the heck of it and not really ready to commit.

Well I'm not really looking but still you get the feeling that there's something not right. I'm clueless... Help!!!

Goodbye Jomai! We'll miss you!

Jomai Cascante

A friend of mine passed away last May 7. I was thinking of posting a blog about him before but didn't had the chance to. I was browsing my Multiply account and found myself in my friend Kim De Guzman's Blog. I'm talking about my friend Jomai Cascante. We didn't really got the chance to talk or spend time that much... I guess it was because we were both busy with work and I had to leave the country for some time way back, but he's a common friend of most of my close friends.

I got a text message a day after he died and he asked me if I know Jomai. I said yeah I know him but we're not that close. He then replied "dude he passed away...". I was shocked and couldn't absorb it. How? Why? When? Where? How could this happen? I even remember texting him back... "Is this a joke?" Finally realizing that my friend wasn't joking.

According to Kim's blog... "The way he died was so sudden. He died because of brain tumor; no one was expecting it, I'm sure not even him. He was in the hospital since Thursday, 3 May. 4 May, he had seizures and Saturday, 5 May, he was brain dead. His family decided to DNR him on the same day I think."

We will all miss you Joms! Hope you find peace and happiness up in heaven.

It's a small world after all...

It's funny but it's true... we live in a small world. I just had this realization that whoever you meet today has a connection to your past or maybe connected to your future or not at all but the percentage of you bumping into the same person is astronomical!

I was talking to Jack (a new friend) early this morning (around 3AM I guess) about life and relationships. I was amazed to find out that we have so many friends in common and we ended up talking about one of our common friend. Well you see Jack is in this relationship for 14 years and it never was a perfect relationship. Last week he had to end it... well that was the nth time he tried. The reason? He's not happy anymore and he wants to move on with his life. The only problem is this... how do you leave something that has been a part of your life for 14 years? How do you let go of the person who still loves you? How do you say to the person to stop committing suicide everytime you try to throw the towel?

Jack met someone last January... someone he thought is his perfect match. He fought for their love but things had to end. Last week he told everyone (well his close friends) that it's over and he wants to move on. Now that gave his "perfect match" a light of hope. Small hope that they could finally be together. But how do you get into a relationship when you already committed yourself to someone else. It's hard because I'm a friend of Jack, the perfect match, the new lover, and the ex. I know it's confusing but that's how life is... complicated and unfair. But at the end of the day we just have to deal with it.


The new Superhero?

Silver Surfer Hits Manila

If you haven't watched the Fantastic 4 movie I suggest you go and see it... the surfer is such a cool dude in this movie. I won't give away the ending for those who haven't seen it but definitely the surfer will be back. Can't wait to see Fantastic 4 III. :)


Got Zen?

Creative Zen Neeon 2

As I promised here's the pic of the Zen I won. I don't know, but lately I've been very lucky. Guess this compensates for my previous losses. Hehehe! Well the mp3 player is not much but at least I could use it at home instead of turning on the Mac eveytime I wanna chill in my room. :) Thank you Dell.

The Ministry of Sound Party

Rose and me again

MoS - Bigfish1

MoS - Bigfish2

MoS - Bigfish4

MoS - Bigfish5

Too dark

Me and Gionna Cabrera

The Gang

Parteee 1

Therese on stage 1

Ana and Me

We went to the MoS party at World Trade Center last Saturday and it was just freakin awsome! Saw old friends like Uma Khouny, Rose (his sister), Say Alonzo, JM Rodriguez, Gionna Cabrera, and many more. Went to Jay-Js along Metrowalk for breakfast and went to listen to Sunday Mass (Yeah I still go to church).


Ministry of Sound comes to Manila

Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound (MoS) is one of the most famous nightclubs in the world of electronic music, said to be to London what Studio 54 was to New York, and whose fame goes far across British borders. Located in Elephant and Castle, Southwark, South London, and officially opened in 1992 after weeks of 'secret' club nights, the Ministry had already been packed out through word-of-mouth. Ministry of Sound was one of the key locations in the development of house music and superclubs in Britain in the early 1990s. MoS initially set itself apart from other London nightclubs of the time with its location well away from London clubland, a non-alcoholic bar and a highly-acclaimed sound system; all features designed to attract an enthusiastic crowd of music lovers. DJs mix live sets on Friday and Saturday each week. The MoS boasts two spacious dance floors as well as a Sony PlayStation room and Absolut chill bar.

Ministry of Sound was founded by James Palumbo, Humphrey Waterhouse and DJ Justin Berkmann. It is still largely owned and controlled by Jamie Palumbo, son of property developer Peter, Lord Palumbo. Since the club's opening, the MoS brand has been extended to a number of other areas. Profits from the brand put Palumbo on the Sunday Times Rich List 2004, with an estimated worth of £136m. The club opened in the Autumn of 1991.

See you at the World Trade Center Manila tomorrow night!


Guilly's at Mall of Asia

Captain Hook's Ships?

Inside Guilly's - Mall of Asia

The Menu

Sashimi - My Fave!!!

Crispy Pata

The famous Sisig


Green Mango Shake

Yesterday my boss told me that she will be away for a while cause she will be spending her vacation somewhere in the visayas... corrigidor to be exact. I wish you well and a safe trip TM.

After work this morning we had lunch at Guilly's. It was my first time to go there and I know it might sound weird but even though I work at the Mall of Asia I'm not even aware that there was one there. Some of my friends fun it funny cause I could get lost in my own workplace because I don't get to go around the mall cause most of the time I spent there is just within our office and it's rare that I go around the mall after office hours.

Since it was my first time there, my boss and two other collegues decided to try the house favorites. We ordered for Kare-kare, Crispy Pata, Sisig, Sashimi, Garlic rice and green mango shake.

Ok, I wouldn't recommend that you eat this much everyday... but hey it's our farewell lunch for my boss... who cares! Hahaha! See you on Monday boss have fun!


Cuzins' Weekend Adventure!

At Gold's Gym Makati



A re-post from my Cuz Raven's Blog... Hehehe! Ofcourse I had to edit this...

It was Saturday afternoon when Gerard & Ayan planned to spend the weekend w/ Me, They both took the train from the north to my place. Laughters and giggles were everywhere, as I opened the door they both gave me a big hug and started talking about what has happened for the pasr 2 weeks of not seeing each other. We all jumped on my bed and nibbled some biscuits and apples for the 3 of us are on a lifetime
diet. I gave Ayan a surprise gift that made him even more noisy... The Magazine w/ our faces on it ( ahaha ) and w/ the hottest females in the country since 1990 till this very day. The 3 of us more like use their status symbol as an inspiration for image building and success in sex life and everything else I guess.

--->insert here---> We went to Gold's Gym and saw the cockroach! Well Raven said hi to him and I just didn't care. Besides I didn't want to waste my time with the roach king! We went back to the condo after our workout to rest for the party that night.

Then We started talking about super powers... One of the most interesting ideas of all time.

Ayan : " Flight " . My power is the ability to fly .

: " Mind Reader " . My power is the ability to read every one's thoughts and plans before they even get into it. I'd know if their intentions are genuine or evil.

Me : " Strong Telekinetic " . My Power is the ability to control any object, matter or being w/o the use of physical force.

Well those chosen powers believe it or not are actually REAL.

You see when you choose a certain option or make a decision in life, it all
reflects your personality and goals and who you are.

Ayan -

The Power to Fly signifies the Unlimited dreams in life that you want to reach and a status that you want to be in w/c you work hard for to keep. It signifies Flexibility
to change direction and atmosphere. Most Super Heroes or Mutants who fly usually have the weakest alter ego but has the strongest traits, confidence & arrogance at some point. Flight also gives you the feeling of extreme freedom, The freedom to travel wherever you want.

Mercury or Hermes is the soul symbol of that specific power. He was once known
to be the messenger of the gods and had full control over his direction and authority. However He was also disliked by some celestial beings for being picky and He only chooses the god He'd share stories with , Since He knows every single issue, gossip & current events in the heavens... The pressure is how to remain tact and quiet at times and how to be a talker when the need comes.

Flight also makes your legs weak if you depend on it but makes you the master of the Air squad. Over All it signifies The Desire for Freedom and the Energy you get from travel.

Gerard -

Telepathy or The Ability to read a person's mind signifies the need for preparation. This power unleashes the intellectual side of you and is also known as the Psychic force that rewards you w/ an infinite scope of the future. It is mostly related to someone who wants things in advance and wants to be surrounded w/ people whom they can trust and has nointergrity issues.

Mostly based from previous experiences of when you were cheated, fooled or the exposure to a pathological liar. That intense inability to completely trust someone
brings out that force in you. You of all people do not want to be judged or ridiculed, And if that happens you are ready to hit them back with a counter judgement/attack.

Early studies of spontaneous ESP cases looked only for the explanation of telepathy. If someone "knew" something and could have obtained it from another person's
thoughts, that was telepathy. If what they knew was at that time unknown to anyone else, then it was dismissed as coincidence, for clairvoyance was inconceivable. The early research was mainly with "spontaneous" cases--events that just happened unexpectedly to people. ("I knew you were going to say that." "I didn't know that was what you were hoping I'd do, but something just made me do it.") Among spontaneous cases telepathy seems to be the commonest form of ESP, so the telepathy-oriented approach is understandable. Telepathy is extremely difficult to defeat

Your Soul Symbol is Charles Xavier.

Everybody hates rejection, but you ? just don't hate it, you of all people take
it to the next level and amazingly manipulate the situation to your desire and to shield yourself from terrible individuals w/ demonic thoughts or worst ? apre-meditated murder. It enables you to react fast and move ahead of time. This makes you the master of the court room. Overall it signifies the love for integrity.

ME (Raven) -
The Ability to control mind over matter... Telekinesis or Psychokinesis (PK) also refers to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. It also means re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies, such as bending & lifting, from the smallest spoon to the biggest aircraft, from controlling a drop of
water toseperating a glacier by just focusing. The term 'Psychokinesis' comes from the Greek words psyche meaning life or soul and kineisis meaning to move. This
Signifies the inner strength and leadership in you and the desire to do things your own way. You always want to make things smooth and easy but when you get mad you make things around you explode.

This power is very difficult to control and yet very easy to use. You can even
lift yourself to fly however you cannot control a person's mind, this force gives extreme confidence in facing tough situations. This makes you the master of the city. In a world where money and authority rule you definitely want control for the benefit of yourself and your friends.

Your soul symbol is Merlin the wizard who controls and lifts anything to protect himself. Knows as the only father of High Magic. Overall it signifies the inner strength, the need & want for a high position in the company or society and strong positive influence.

Hmmm ?

All of these are definitely making sense to me. We indeed have these powers and we just need to learn how to use it properly coz there are always 2 sides of the coin. These energies and powers can be used to hurt and heal. Like what I always hear... There are 2 wolves in a Man's heart the Wolf of Love & the wolf of hate, and Who wins? depends on who you feed the most.

So there we were ... The Traveller , The Mind Reader & The Controller.

It was 12 midnight when we started to get ready fixed up and went clubbing, We were all wearing something in common... The Military color. We got in the club pretty early and we figured that the crowd was the lamest of all. It was like the dawn of the dead wherein the people got infected of a deadly virus and affected the way they socialize and look. It was just bad. But still we enjoyed. Hanged and sat on the
couch in the VIP area and met some unwanted peeps, Even saw my ... (had to edit this part)

Anyway We went back home and sealed the night with a good sleep... (edit this part again hahaha!)

Anyhow the next day we all woke up so late and felt so lazy . it was the best lazy day i spent w/ my cousins... just not doing anything at all... after 5pm shorty came and we went singing and playing in Timezone. It was like a concert in our own private room.

Fun Fun Fun... the rest is history.

So the Traveller and the Mind Reader had to go home and get ready 4 work the next day... And I have to recharge and go back to work as well... and that was our own breakfast club . Will see you guys ! be safe and be good.

- Fini


Pictures from Raven's Bday

The Gang

Luck, Fabs, and Raven

Lucki, Raven, and Aris

As promised... here are the pics from my cuz Raven's Bday



My new phone

Here I go again! I just bought less than a month ago a motorola phone for my Sun sim and last night I decided to sell that phone in exchange of my new Nokia N70. I know it's not the newest Nokia phone but I just like it and I had to have it. I just wish I don't regret buying it. :)


You might be wondering...


So I posted a pic showing my place of work... you might be wondering why my table is so messy. Well here it is... I was playing with my BuzzLightyear puzzle!!! Hahaha! Now I'm gonna go back to work! It took me 15 minutes to finish the puzzle... I love puzzles by the way. Hehehe!


My workstation

My workstation

My workstation... just wanna share to you guys how my place of work looks like. Hehehe!

I won!

I Won!

I just got an email tonight saying that I won a Creative Zen MP3 player from last week's raffle here at Dell. My co-case manaager also won the same. Though I really wanted the Dell Portable or Desktop I guess I should be happy that I won! Hehehe!

Will post some pics of the mp3 player when I get it.

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