Malaysia Bole!

We just arrived at Penang, Malaysia this afternoon... again I can't get off the ship today due to my busy sched. I had my first day of Crowd Management Training today. I'm so excited since later I will be a part of the Crew's Show entitled "BEYOND BROADWAY". I'll be dancing this time with the rest of the cruise staff people. I'll be doing CATS and will be dancing in a small part in JOSEPH THE DREAMER. I also will play the part of OB1 in our version of STARWARS where I'll have a fight scene with my co-cruise staff who's from Vietnam.Wish me luck guys! Hopefully I don't make a fool of my self later.

Anyway, I'm so excited because there's a considerable number of Filipino passengers this trip. I even saw my old gym mate back in the Philippines (Fitness First) here in SuperStar Virgo, Tita Tina and her brother. We got to talk about a few stuff and chatted after our cowboy show last night. They were so surprised to see me here since I wasn't able to tell them I was gonna work here.

By the way last Saturday was a blast! I had my first ever solo performance and it was held at the Grand Piazza, the mid-ship part of VIRGO next to the reception area. I really had fun singing infront of all those people there and got a number of good comments but I know I still have to further improve on my singing to make it better next time.

More stories next time... :)

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