Truffles and Me

Truffles and Me
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Just bored... Me and the dog of my boss.

At the Assumption College

At the Assumption College
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While setting up... Last June 21

No sleep yet

No sleep yet at UMA's condo
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At the verranda of Uma's condo... no sleep yet... had to wake up early cause Cha is gonna pick us up to go to their place in Marikina.

After my hosting gig

After my hosting gig at WakWak Golf and Country Club
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This was taken on my way out of the venue after my hosting gig at the Wakwak Golf and Country Club last Saturday.

Me and DJ Steve Mills

Me and DJ Steve Mills
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This photo was taken outside Citrus while smoking with DJ Steve Mills from Canada one of fave DJs... although he keeps on calling me Trixie for soome odd reason. :)


KC Leyco for Unleashed

KC Leyco for Unleashed
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Ok so everyone who sees her friendster would say that this is one of my friend KC's best pictures... this was a shoot she had for unleased. Check it out!


The crazy gang

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Models and me taking a break

Dennis and Hanika

Dennis and Hanika
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Photo session while on break

Rei and Me

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Kodak moments at the studio

Hanika and Rei

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At the studio just relaxing during their break

The shoot2

The shoot2
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Dennis as the yuppy

The shoot1

The shoot1
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Hanika and Rei as the couple in the shoot for PS Bank

Me with the models

Me with the models
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On the way to the studio of Quincy at Forbes

Rei and Hanika

Rei and Hanika
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Getting ready for the shoot

Dennis and Miles

Dennis and Miles
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Dennis Tan (KFC Model / Magic Sing / Cosmo) and Miles from Pixel Media at Hairworks. PS Bank Photoshoot.


@Greenbelt Makati

@Greenbelt Makati
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Right after the Event at the De La Salle University leg of the Campus Tour we went straight to Greenbelt to have fun and party! Though we got so tired right after we had so much fun!

Campus Tour ID

Campus Tour ID
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I also made the design for this year's Campus Tour ID aside from hosting the event! Hehehehe!

Fab Booth

Fab Booth
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Taking a break from the event... Me, KC, and Martin in our FabTrix Booth in De La Salle University.

Campus Tour 2006 - Radio Spiel

Campus Tour 2006
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Make way for the biggest event this year as the country’s top schools welcome CHALK DENIM POWER!!! Join us as we celebrate the youth's surviving power with the country's top bands Mojofly, Calla Lily, Imago and Fuse, July 19 at De La Salle University, Assumption College on July 21, San Beda College on July 27, University of the Philippines on August 4, and The Ateneo de Manila University on August 11.

See Denimlab Barkada Brenda, Matt, Joaqui and NiƱa from PBB Teen Edition as they walk the runway together with your classmates. Plus, get a chance to be a model barkada of your school and win exciting freebies and prizes!

This event is proudly supported by FABTRIX PROMOTIONS in cooperation with your fabulous radio station Monster Radio RX 93.1!

Listen in to Monster Radio RX93.1 at these times...

6:52 AM, 8:25 AM, 11:40 AM, 12:25 PM, 4:10 PM, AND 8:40 PM

(This print ad will be in Manila Times sometime next week... by the way this is actually my design... I think I'm getting better)


Superman is gay?

Superman Returns Wallpaper 06
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Could it be his secret double life? Is it because
he's different? Or maybe it's just his rippling muscles and all that

A pop culture expert at Calgary's Mount Royal College says the lead
character in the new Superman movie is receiving a lot of attention
in the gay community and is rapidly gaining stature as a gay icon.

The reason for that is probably a mix of the superhero's closet life,
his standing apart from the community and his looks, according to Lee
Easton, who is researching what he sees as the Superman gay
phenomenon in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

Easton is hoping to better understand how all men - gay or straight -
shape their identities in relation to popular pop-culture icons such
as Superman.

Considering that DC Comics is bringing back Batwoman as a lesbian,
should it really be a surprise that Superman has attracted the
admiring gaze of the gay community? That's been the case for years,
says Easton.

``There's this sort of double moment that these are not only figures
that you can identify with but also sort of desire at the same time.
Particularly in adolescents and older gay men like myself, often
times those male figures would be the most easily accessible sort of
erotica available.''

Even the American version of the television series Queer as Folk,
filmed largely in Toronto, carries a recurring superhero theme. Two
characters create a sexually explicit underground comic called Rage
that features a Gay Crusader superhero.

Despite the metrosexual appearance of the new Superman and the fact
that Bryan Singer, the director of Superman Returns is gay, the real
homosexual icon in the superhero world has been Batman and his
erstwhile and sometimes sexually ambiguous sidekick Robin.

Ironically, even though Batwoman is coming back as a lesbian, she was
introduced in the 1950s as a way to quell rumours about the true
nature of the dynamic duo's partnership.

``In Batman, in particular, in the movie last year, there's a great
deal of attention paid to the way he crafts his very own leather
costume and I think both leather and Spandex have a long tradition in
gay culture,'' muses Easton, 42.

``There's some easy moments of identification for sure.''

Stephen Lock of Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere is
participating in the study. The Calgary-based spokesman suggests
comic book superheroes don't really have any kind of sexual
orientation since they're only pictures on paper. But he acknowledges
there always appears to be some subtext going on in many of the

``I think the generation of gay men that grew up on Superman and a
few of the other comic superheroes probably read a lot of stuff into
it that they recognized _ the whole double-life situation and running
into `closet-like' spaces,'' Lock says.

``A young gay male, when the hormones start kicking in and all his
friends are noticing girls . . . he's noticing guys. There's this
double fantasy thing going on where he says if I could be that, I
could have that.''

Lock favours the dark and forbidden current Batman character as
opposed to the campy 1960s version played by Adam West in the TV
series. That character was almost enough to turn a gay man straight,
he laughs.

``The saving grace there was that Robin was kind of cute.''

Officials with DC Comics, which owns the Superman franchise, were
unavailable for comment on the study. But president and publisher
Paul Levitz has been quoted in the past as saying the Man of Steel is
not gay.

Early results of Easton's research are expected to be ready for a
cultural studies conference in Edmonton this fall.


Gloria Maris in GreenHills

Gloria Maris in GreenHills with Charey and Uma
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So it's been more than a year since the three of us got together... now we'll be living together in one roof... I'm so excited because finally we'll all be together again... Charey who's always flying back and forth from the US, Uma who seem to have found a second home here in the Philippines although he visits his family every now and then in Israel and me who just came back from Singapore last May 7... will post pictures of our new house when we move in next month... will be living in West Greenhils Subdivision... I can't wait.

At Citrus with friends

At Citrus with friends
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This picture is actually for KC who's been complaining that we don't have a pic together when we went to Citrus last week... good thing Charey took a photo of us all from her phone.


Charey Gomez

Charey Gomez
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My friend Charey for a photoshoot for Paraiso Magazine (Philippine Airlines)


Tagaytay Trip

On the way to Tagaytay
On the way to Tagaytay with Mikee

I bought this game to have fun. Got it for 30 Pesos and thought it was a good buy, but this cube game is giving me a headache. Help!

Nice lights inside Starbucks Tagaytay

Starbucks Tagaytay
Just having a break after the short travel from Laguna

Taal Volcano
View of Taal Volcano... The smallest volcano in the world from Starbucks

Tagaytay with Mikee
Finally! Our destination... Taal Volcano in Tagaytay City

Style at Citrus

Patricia Coronado
Patricia Coronado the stylist and fashion guru of Religioso

KC Leyco
KC Leyco the winner of the Paris Hilton Style Award

Me at Citrus
And me drunk as hell.

I wasn't really supposed to go to this party by Style Magazine but I said what the heck I got an invite and it's free drinks until 12 midnight so I decided to go. I texted KC and asked if she is interested to join me and she did together with her friend Patricia. Got there around 11 and enjoyed the free drinks and mingled with some of the people there and met DJ Steve Mills from the US and caught up with Rob Altamirano and Jonas Gruet of Style Magazine. KC won the Paris Hilton Style award that night and I won a Digital camera thanks to Philip Morris. Not bad for a free party!


GO SEE for our Campus Tour 2006

Latest Picture July 2006
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Ok this is how I look when I'm stressed and I don't have enough sleep... this is during our Go See (Audition for models) at The Assumption College this afternoon... we're really nearing the date of the event and I'm so excited because this will be my first major event with the company. Wish me luck guys!


My cousins from Calif


These are just some photos from our family gathering at their house in Sucat Paranaque. These pictures were taken while we were walking around the village... they wanted to see how the old neighborhood looks like now and if their old friends are still here in the country.

On the pic Lala, Mina, Liza, and Me


I made this banner

Puregold Shaw Opening Banner
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Ok so it might not look that good but give me some slack guys... I haven't done digital design for years now and I just did this because there wasn't anyone else who could do it here in the office plus I get extra pay! hahaha!

Another one

Ayan Happy
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Here's another funny pose inside the theme park.

Hide and Seek anyone?

Ayan hide and seek
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Was joking around with my friends and saw this nice painting along the walk way of StarCity.


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Just posing like a tourist... hehehe! Nothing special here.

Surf Dance

Surf Dance2
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So it's been more than a year since I last went to Star City and I wasn't expecting anything different... until I saw this new ride call The Surf Dance. I had to try it and I even dragged my friends to come with me although they didn't readily liked the idea at first. The ride last for around 5-7 minutes and it's really worth the long queue.

Star City

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Ok so I really didn't thought I was going anywhere last night... Called my bestfriend Vince to ask if he want to do anything on a payday and told me he was thinking of going to Enchanted Kingdom. "What? You serious?" That was 7:00 PM ( to those who are not familiar with Enchanted Kingdom, it's a big theme park located south of the metro ) and Echanted closes at 12midnight. Met my friend at Glorietta around 7:45 PM and had dinner at Oodys. Met with some of his friends Ogie, Girlie, and Lito around 8:30 PM by this time our chances of going to Enchanted is getting slimmer so we all decided to just go to SM Mall of Asia and go somewhere after. Around 9:30 PM we decided to meet with their friend Kathy at Star City just to pass the time so here we are in the photo pretending to be having fun! hehehehe! On the photo Vinz, Me, Ogie, Kathy and Girlie.

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