Mamak Mia!!!

How's everyone doing? Anyway just making sure all of you guys are stisll ok. Anyway I'm so excited with the new musical we're rehearsing called Mamak Mia.

An original musical revolving about a Malaysian girl Mia who works for a store called Mamak. It deals with the difficulties of a struggling artist who gets discovered and later finds out that she has to make it big not just for herself but to be able to help her family and support her sick mom.

Mia later on meets an Indian man named Rahul who hails from a rich clan and easily the two fell in love with each other... The story becomes complicated when Rahul's parents asks Mia to leave their son alone saying that she is not the one they want their son to marry.

Rahul and Mia faught for their love and made a promise that they will not let anything stop them from expressing their love for one another. On the night of Mia's first concert Rahul told Mia the bad news. His parents have already arranged a marriage for him with a girl he haven't met and don't love and threatens Rahul that they will remove him from their will and will no longer call him their son if he doesn't follow their wish.

What will happen to Mia now? Can she still go through with her first major concert? Will Rahul choose Mia over his parents?

The musical is set to run September or October this year with songs from the great group ABBA.

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