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ABS-CBN bought the rights to air one of the most successful reality TV shows in Europe, "Big Brother." The franchise started in Amsterdam, Holland in 1999 and is now on its seventh season there and in England. In Australia, it’s on its sixth season. The show’s representatives, Ed Sharples and Anoushka Ban explained to us the mechanics of the game.

Six men and six women contestants will be chosen and they will be confined inside a specially designed house (now being constructed near ABS-CBN) for three months without any communication to the outside world. No phone, no TV, no radio, no watches, no books or writing materials, just the daily challenges to be given them to fulfill.

All their moves will be monitored on TV and shown daily like in "The Truman Show." Each week, viewers will text their vote as to who’d be eliminated. In the end, the lone survivor will win a house and lot, a car, and P1 million.

"The show is now a success in 30 countries," says Ed. "We’ve just started it in Thailand and The Philippines is the 31st country. Next would be Serbia and the Czech Republic. All applicants will be subjected to a battery of physical and psychological exams to determine if they’d really be fit for the show.

The moment you decide to leave the house, you can no longer come back. The contestants usually become very popular. One contestant in Croatia sneaked out to watch a soccer match he wanted to see so much. When the TV cameras focused on him and the people saw him, he was mobbed. It was only then he realized how popular he has become because of his exposure in the show. So far, we have two couples who have gotten married after meeting in the show and they now have their own children who we call Big Brother babies."

Who give up more often: men or women? "The ladies as they get so homesick or they feel they’re not treated well by their housemates. So far, we’ve had one gay winner and another who’s a transsexual, so it’s not really a matter of gender."

ABS-CBN is now looking for the 12 finalists. If you’re between 21 to 38 and want to apply, call 1-800-5-223-5892 or (02) 929-5892. Who knows, you might end taking home all those big prizes!

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