A week in Subic

Subic Magsaysay Road
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Subic used to have a bad name attached to it during the time of the American Bases... You'll see girlie bars and joints catering to the flesh trade... You can compare Subic to Bangkok, plus the big number of American Soldiers (at least that was before when the bases was still in Olongapo).

When the bases left, Subic was like a ghost town... businesses were down and the crowd that used to flock the street of Magsaysay were all gone. Thanks to the people of Subic who just don't want to give up... Subic is once again a busy and happy place... one that could rival that of Phuket and Ko Samui of Thailand with it's friendly people and nice beaches...

Staying here for almost a week now taught me alot about the place... It's common to find an american looking individual here who speaks better Filipino than me... hehehe! Bars are still open but now they're all for clean fun. :) Lots of partying and Internet shops as well as good food along Magsaysay Road. Cheap hotel accomodation and friendly people who's willing to show you around the area. Definitely a nice place to spend your vacation.



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So I woke up today with a headache from last night's party... Guess I had too much alcohol! Btw I want you guys to meet Sam, my friend's dog who seems to like me too much and woke me up with his tongue on my face! Hahaha!

Just getting the feel of it

Latest Pic May 2006
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It was a really busy day yesterday and I should say one of the best nights I had since I got back here in Manila... I would say that I'm starting to find my old life back. Really am happy now that I'm back here with my family and friends. By the way my close friend on the ship, Ryan just came home this week and we met in Manila yesterday and went to our Manila office yesterday to file our resignation. I was telling him on the way, Finally it's all over! Was able catch up with some of my old friends in the ship, carlos, leah and other guys from the SS Gemini. It's just so nice to be there talking to your old friends and got to know what's happening in their lives now that their back in Manila. Some of them also resigned and some are going back.

After finishing some paperworks with the agency, Ryan and I found ourselves online checking our emails and chatting with old friends... guess what? Ana and Fritz were online and got to chat with them from Vietnam. Cool thing we decided to go online. I miss those guys... too bad Dindin wasn't online.

I then got a text from my friend let's just call this friend bitch1... hehehe!

Bitch1: Hey Ayan are you doing anything tonight?
Ayan: Nah
Bitch1: If you're not doing anything go to Montgomery Subdivision in E. Rod cause it's Simon's birthday party tonight and it's a pool party so that will be fun!
AyanSure! I'll be there... can I also bring a friend? (referring to Ryan)
Bitch1sure! no worries you just text me when you're almost there and we'll meet you up.

In an hour around 8:30 we were already outside Montgomery Subdivision and was walking towards the clubhouse. Was kinda weired cause that was my first time there and didn't know anybody at the party aside from the celebrant, but then Simon's not really that close yet. Anyway I told Ryan I need to text Bitch1 and check if they're already on their way. Well my phone is low on batt that time so I just decided to give Bitch1 a call to check on them. By the way Bitch1 will be coming with Bitch2 (another friend) Bitch1 said they're already on the way and should be there in half an hour. Ok! This is so awkward but I had to do something... so I texted Simon and told him we're already there. Simon was busy as expected and is a little pissed off because he told his friends to come by 6PM but it's almost 9 and only a handful was there... I told him "Don't worry they'll get here... just relax. Beside it's ur birthday today you have to be happy."

Around 10 people started coming after the other... Bitch1 and Bitch2 with my friend and I started getting tipsy after the enless parade of booze! I guess it's time to go home now but my friend said we should all check out this bar in Makati... In less than 20 minutes we found ourselves dancing on the ledge with Bitch2 eyeing a guy that Bitch2 liked but Bitch1 got the best of him with Bitch1 ending up being texted by the guy... I actually told Bitch1 to go and have fun with the guy... But ofcourse that was just a joke! (or was it?) Hahaha!


I miss this bunch!!!

With Dancers
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I really miss these dancers so much... they're just so friendly and very talented... too bad some of them are still learning how to speak english but definitely they're real people and I really enjoyed working with them.


I feel like I don't belong here

So I'm back in Manila... for those who haven't been reading my blog, I got back May 7. So I've been in the Philippines for two weeks now... Hence the longer post aside from the oh so many photos and captions while I was as they say "naglalayag".

I got to see my family, friends and relatives...

Manila hasn't change a bit... well I guess traffic got worse and the fare is really unbelievable.

I don't know if it's just the fact that I'm not really doing anything much or if this is just an effect of super boredom but I feel like I don't belong here anymore. I tried asking my friends why I feel like everything has changed, people and situations around me has changed so much that I feel like I'm in a totally differnt world.

So I've been sending my resume to a number of companies here and abroad hoping that I find something to do and rescue me from this boring life. Just got home from an interview with Sykes Asia... passed the initial interview and exams... I just can't believe how many exams and interviews do I have to pass before I get the position. I applied as a Supervisor after my friend told me that there would be positions available this month. Well what the heck I said I'm not doing anything might as well try it.

So here I am going to their office in Ortigas feeling like a newly grad waiting in line to get called and hoping I would get the job. Anyway I'll tell you guys what's the result after tomorrow's final interview.

Don't get me wrong I'm thankful cause I got to experience working with all sorts of people outside the country and got to learn alot after being away from people who I love for almost a year... but sometimes I ask myself was it worth it?


Jermaine, Joyce and me

Jermaine, Joyce and me
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All smiles... just waiting for our friends...


Jasmine Pokpok
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One of the lead singers... Jasmine from the Saints and Angels Band.

Sha, Me and Leng

Sha, Me and Leng
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while waiting for their first set...

Saints and Angels Band

Saints and Angels Band
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My friends during their gig at Tamamang's in Tuazon Marikina... The Band members together with the lead singers Leng, Jasmine and Ricky. Taken last night during a special show at the said bar.


Entertainment Team

My old Virgo Entertainment team
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Got this photo from my old friend Jasmine. This picture was taken last year at the German Club in Phuket Thailand. On the photo are some of the Entertainers onboard the SS Virgo. Try to look for me on the photo if you can. Hehehe!

Before onboard the SS Virgo

Me and Faith on both sides with Jasmine and her sister
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This was taken way way back onboard the Super Star Gemini together with the Big Band and Faith.


On my last day in Bangkok

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Was taken during my last day in Bangkok with this nice artwork by a Thai artist made out of brass.

Marcia, Ethiene, Me, Isabela and Ana

Me and My friends
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My last 70s Disco party onboard the Gemini.

Sihanoukville Cambodia

Cambodia with friends
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Just relaxing along side the beach in Sihanoukville Cambodia with friends. Nothing much to do in this small town.

With the Brazilian Dancers

With the Brazilian Dancers
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Onboard the Gemini before leaving for the Philippines.

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