Goodbye Etelecare!

Finally I made up my mind... I'm resigning from my current job in Etelecare. I just passed my resignation letter last night which will take effect starting July 15.

It was really hard for me to decide since I had to consider so many things but I guess when it's time to leave, it's time to leave.

I made a list of the things that I will miss and won't miss working for Etelecare in no particular order... Etel and ex-Etel employees will agree with me on this for sure. Hehehe!

Things I will miss working in Etelecare:

(1) My friends - people come and go but the friendship will always remain
(2) My boss - I was lucky to have worked with 6 supervisors in the span of my stay in the company but only 4 made a mark and really made me feel at home... Thanks to TL Victoria, TL Jenny, TL Mandy, and TL Vera for the time and the lessons you taught me.
(3) Unlimited Ice Tea and Coffee in the pantry
(4) Home-made sandwiches / Tacos / Burritos / Steak with mashed potatoes from my favorite "tindera" at the 21st floor of CC3
(5) Walking to and from work from my condominium
(6) Working out at Fitness First Eastwood or Makati and rushing to work after
(7) Team and Company GAs with my co-workers... Astoria, Puerto Galera, Batangas, Laguna, Tagaytay etc.
(8) Checking my ATM every 15th and 30th of the month for my salary (heheheh!)

Things I won't miss working in Etelecare:

(1) Sleeping in the morning and working at night
(2) Not knowing what time it is
(3) Not knowing what date it is
(4) Missing out on family and especial occassions because of work
(5) Going to work on holidays and weekends
(6) Not seeing my old friends and not being able to spend time with them
(7) PAC - I'm not saying everyone is a pain in the a_s but there are really so many power trippers here... I feel sorry for them though. Good thing I'm leaving and won't have to deal with you people anymore.
(8) I definitely won't miss seeing Ms. Piggy and Minnie Mouse (Who are they? Well I really can't tell you guys their real names but they're both SOICs and I don't think they're doing a great job as SOICs)

To my previous teams... Team Puerto Galera, Team Lynx, Team Arwen, Team Evolution, Team Grimlock, and Team Bruno... I will definitely miss you all... thanks for the friendship.

To Matrix Wave 6, I still believe that we are the best wave in Matrix!

To Team Charlie of foundation... I miss you guys!

To my friends from Ecare / HR / Frontdesk / Recruiting 'til we meet again.


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