An Open Letter from a loving husband

I just had to post this after reading it from another site...

I wish I were writing under different circumstances. I would like to inform you that my wife Leslie Cruz was part of the casualties in the Glorietta 2 Mall bombing in Makati City, Philippines. She was supposed to have a minor out patient surgery at Makati Medical Center at 230pm.

I had taken a leave from work to accompany her there. We dropped off our daughter, Amber, at my parents place in QC to babysit at around 10am. We then proceeded to Makati and was there at 1230pm. Since she had been fasting in preparation for her procedure, she wanted to move ar ound and listen to some music while I grabbed a bite to eat. We parked at the basement of Park Square 2, and headed for the Glorietta 2 entrance. We parted at the top of the escalator, she
turned right towards Filbar's while I went left towards the restaurants. That was the last time I would see her.

Around 120pm, she had called me so that we can meet at the Glorietta 2 exit just in time to make her appointment. As I made my way there from Glorietta 1 through the connecting hallways, and was about to turn the corner, I heard 2 deep thumps and the shock-wave from the blast hit me. At that moment my heart dropped as I knew that the origin of the blast came from the same place where we were supposed to meet. I tried getting to where my wife was, but the dust was too
much and it was as if I was staring at a white wall.

I still tried to convince myself that she was able to make it out, and that after ringing her mobile without a response only meant that she dropped it in the confusion. After 6 hours of searching from Makati Med. to Ospital ng Makati,
the blast site, and back again to MMC - with the help of all the people I could get hold of, that I was able to get confirmation in what the state of my wife was.

My Dad and Uncle signaled me in from the ER of MMC. My Uncle (who's a doctor) asked me to describe Leslie's appearance to another group of doctors. I saw in the eyes of one that the description made sense. Instead of confirming it to me, they huddled together, then brought me to a small examination room. It was only through a digital camera that I was able to confirm (and deny) that she was indeed gone.

I have so many regrets. I should have met her sooner. I should have ran instead of a brisk walk. I should have not chose to park where I did. I should have braved the dust and went in the blast site. I should have ...

Today's the 4th day. It is still terribly difficult to breathe, let alone wake up realizing that your source of strength, your best friend doesn't lie beside you on your bed. That my deepest worry is when Amber starts asking for her Mama.

I am glad that Amber's too young to understand the loss and pain. In time I would like to tell her the details of how her mother died, but more importantly I would like to raise her as how her mother lived - a loving person, strong willed, decisive, caring, and nurturing. She has always cared for her family and friends, and sacrfied her career for being a full time mom and home maker.

As with all couples we had our ups and downs - none of which I regret not going through. The sweet is never as sweet without the sour. For almost 4 years of marriage, we've finally hit our balance in life only to be taken away in an instant. I have no regrets about our marriage. She has loved me and Amber beyond her capacity. I will always love her.

It is my first time to write to egroup as I've lurked and watched emails being sent to and fro. All I want now is that for each of the couples here is to cherish each moment that we spend with our loved ones. Pretty simple to say, very easy to take for granted.

Thank you all for the prayers. I would still like to ask you to please include Leslie in them until her 40th day so that the path to God's kingdom is well lit and she is no longer in the dark.

Carlo Cruz


Fashion ZU @ Warehouse 135


Glorietta Bombing


I told myself I won’t post a blog about the Glorietta bombing but I can’t help it so here it is…

First of all, I would like to offer my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the Glorietta bombing.

I got home from work around 10AM and decided to take a nap before getting ready for my flight to Boracay. I even remember Kris and Raven asking me if I wanna join them watch a movie in Glorietta or Greenbelt since our flight won’t be until 5:40 PM. I decided to stay in the condo and sleep for a bit since I was so tired and wanted to have enough energy for the travel. It was around 11AM when a friend texted me with only three words on it… “BOMB IN GLORIETTA” I remember replying to the text saying that the joke ain’t funny. I decided to brush it off and go back to sleep. Not until I woke up did I realize that my friend wasn’t joking.

Why is it that terrible things like this happen when there’s a big government scandal? Remember the LRT bombing? It happened during the Impeachment Trial of then President Erap.

I hope I’m wrong but I cannot help consider the possibility of the government creating such distractions to draw the attention of the people away from the existing controversies that Malacanang is facing right now. First the ZTE deal and now the bribery scandal where 190 congessmen and officials were given bags with cash ranging from Php200 to Php500 Thousand.

Why is it that there were no reports or warnings? Is our intelligence really that bad?

If so why are they so fast in issuing warnings or terror alerts or coup attempts last year?

What happened to all that training and assistance the AFP got from the US military?

I really hope I’m wrong… cause if I’m right the government should be accountable to those whose lives were lost from this tragedy.


8 Hours to go...

This week is the craziest week of my life... lots of ups and downs... I feel bad leaving behind Lucien in the hospital after his operation last Wednesday...

So many big changes in my life is gonna happen by next month... places to see... countries to explore... and Boracay is just the start... I miss traveling and I'm happy I'm gonna start traveling again.

I'll see you guys when I get back! :)

See you in a bit Boracay!


Fitness First @ Mall of Asia


Fitness First - Mall of Asia is now open. Went there yesterday during their grand opening and this is definitely one of the biggest and most best facility of Fitness First so far. From the machines down to the lockers with magnetic cards this club has the best. The lounge is big enough with free internet soon. The mind and body room for pilates and body balance is very chic and relaxing! The wet areas are is as huge as the ones at D Block and The Fort.



Unfortunately they weren't ready when they opened yesterday. First of all the magnetic cards that you are given to access the lockers once you enter the gym is not very practical. It's very easy to lose the card plus they didn't even show the members how to use them so there were alot who got confused. There's also no hot water yet and you have to suffer taking a shower with cold water. The weights are not there yet and they said it will be available by Monday next week.

I guess I should go back next week then. For now I'll just enjoy working out in Makati or at D Block whenever I go home to my folks. Hey I'm not saying the facility is bad... My suggestion is not to go there within the week and probably go check it out later next week when everything is in place.


Grocery Day at Mall of Asia










11 Days to go!

Had to go to Cebu Pacific and rebook my return ticket yesterday around 4:30 PM. Wrong move! There were so many people! Anyway it was worth it. I had to move the return flight to a later time since we'll be going to Bacolod during the trip to experience the "Maskara Festival".

My plane ticket to Kalibo!


SM Mall of Asia outside Dell

Washington Sycip Park

A park right across my place in Makati





Style Mag @ Warehouse







Boycott Desperate Housewives!

A re-post from LA Times

ABC apologizes, considers editing the episode.
By the Associated Press

October 4, 2007
A scene in TV's "Desperate Housewives" that used Philippine medical education for a punchline prompted angry calls from viewers, an online petition demanding an apology and criticism from Philippine officials.

In the season premiere that aired Sunday on ABC, Teri Hatcher's character, Susan, goes in for a medical checkup and is shocked when the doctor suggests she may be going through menopause.

"Listen, Susan, I know for a lot of women the word 'menopause'" has negative connotations. You hear 'aging,' 'brittle bones,' 'loss of sexual desire,'" the gynecologist tells her.

"OK, before we go any further, can I check these diplomas? Just to make sure they aren't, like, from some med school in the Philippines?" Susan fires back.

Viewers called the network to complain but the number of callers wasn't available, an ABC spokesman said Wednesday. As of Wednesday evening, more than 30,000 names were attached to an online petition seeking a network apology.

"A statement that devalues Filipinos in healthcare is extremely unfounded, considering the overwhelming presence of Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the medical field," the petition read in part.

ABC, owned by The Walt Disney Co., responded with a statement Wednesday. ABC said it was considering editing the episode.

"The producers of 'Desperate Housewives' and ABC Studios offer our sincere apologies for any offense caused by the brief reference in the season premiere. There was no intent to disparage the integrity of any aspect of the medical community in the Philippines," the statement said.

"As leaders in broadcast diversity, we are committed to presenting sensitive and respectful images of all communities featured in our programs," it concluded.

The TV episode even became an international incident, with reports on it topping Philippine news shows and drawing newspaper headlines as officials there registered their displeasure. Filipinos could judge the scene for themselves when it was posted on YouTube.

In Manila, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said he was writing the producers of the show to seek an apology and note the country's "vehement protest." Senior cabinet member Eduardo Ermita told reporters that an apology should be sought "on behalf of our Filipino professionals."

Kevin Nadal, 29, a Filipino-American college lecturer who lives in New York, posted the online petition calling ABC to task for the scene.

"I had to rewind it over and over again to make sure I heard it right," Nadal said in an interview Wednesday. He watched the episode online after hearing about it from a friend.

"I was immediately offended and, really, just hurt. These days, people are supposed to be more sensitive or more aware of what's considered appropriate," he said, adding that he was hearing from people worldwide who were distressed by the scene. He appreciated ABC's apology, he said, but said he also wanted to see the dialogue removed from future airings and DVDs.

Nadal also suggested that the show's producers and ABC executives could make a more substantial gesture than an apology, through scholarships or donations for Filipino and Filipino-Americans and community groups.

Filipinos and other minorities also should be depicted on TV as "prominent, positive role models," Nadal said.

13 Days to go!

Here's where we'll be staying in Boracay






Boracay here I come!

Here I go!

Party after so long...

Ok... so I wasn't really planning of going out last Saturday but then again...

After Cafe Bola we went and watched Resident Evil and decided to party. Thanks to our new "Kabarkada" Kris who's one of the promoters of Warehouse 135 we got in as VIPs. No need to line up! Hahaha! Thank Kris!

Things are starting to get better. After a few bumps and problems in the past... things are starting to settle. I'll be going to BORACAY on the 19th after some persuation my boss said YES! Yeeepeeee!

Got the tickets today and I'm so excited. Will post more info on my next entry.

Here are some pics from the party with Scarlet of the defunct "Put3ska Band". (Don't know if I spelled that right)







Cafe Bola

Had dinner with my cuz and friends at Cafe Bola at greenbelt and it was fun to hangout with my cuz and our friends after so long. The food was great and the company greater! We watched Resident Evil III. The movie was so great I wanted to watch the first and the second and can't wait to see what's gonna happen next... i love the last scene. You'll know what I mean when you guys watch it.

Bola with tomato sauce (rice)

Bola with tomato sauce (pasta)

Bola in Green Cury and rice

Kris and Cuz Raven

Kris, Cuz Raven and his friend, and me

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