No more GIMIKs

So I haven't had the chance to go out for the longest time. Not that I'm complaining or what since it's my choice.

I guess everyone gets to a point when staying at a friend's place talking about total nonesense and updating each other with your stories until you get bored, or having coffee with your special someone and staring at each other without uttering a word, or just simply watching a movie with your family could feel more relaxing than going on an alcohol frenzy at a bar on a Friday night (or any night for that matter).

Been so happy with the fact that things are going great for me and my friends. Uma is gonna have a show on TV which will start airing July 28 called Club TV with Tim Yap, Lora, and Gary Valenciano's kid (I forgot his name). Rose got the job as a member of Speed (an all girl dance group with regular gigs in Club TV and SOP) and I got the job at the cruise ship and most probably be leaving for Malaysia August or September (once I finish processing all these paperworks and damn requirements! Arg!)

Who knows what the future holds for all of us but at least the futures seems to be bright for me and my friends. But I know I will miss them so much when I leave the country. I also hate leaving behind my family but I guess it's something that we must do to experience what life has to offer for us. I also miss seeing my friends from Guam Kin, Benita, Ron and the rest. I wish I could pay them a visit instead of just them always going here in the Philippines. Who knows maybe I'll be able to go there sooner than expected. For now I just wanna take one step at a time... enjoy life... live it to the fullest... hey I'm young I should be happy. :)

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