New Look for DELL

Something to look forward to...

DELL is coming out with a new look. Here's a sample.

New Look of Dell

My Music Station @ Dell!

I got myself a set of portable speakers for my Nokia N70. Here are some photos of my phone and the speakers... where else? On my workstation here at work! Hahaha!

My Office Music Station

My Portable N70 Speakers

Travel Case - wicked!


Hairspray - The power of volume!


You guys should definitely watch Hairspray! Superb team of actors! Great choreography! Something different... and something that will definitely make you feel good after!

Reusable Bags @ Rustans

Go green with reusable bags

Went to Rustans Makati to buy some groceries and saw this campagne on reusable bags. Just imagine how much we can save with this bag instead of using plastics the next time we buy our groceries. Btw if you have a fresh card (rewards card of Rustans) you get twice the points when you use this card. Hehehe! I don't have the card but I just wanna help. I'm encouraging you guys to consider this and help our environment... anyway what's Php99?

Craving for something different

It's been a while since I last had Vietnamese and I was craving for it. Lucien and I had to stopby Pho Bak and have a taste of Vietnamese. It was his first time to try such and I'm glad he liked it.

Cambodian Noodles



Rai Rai Ken - SM Mall of Asia

What do when you're off for the weekend?

Ofcourse eat!

My co-case managers and I went to the nearest resto open after our shift. We decided to have Japanese this time.

Seafood Bento

Rai Ken Bento

Chicken and Shrimp Tempura Bento

California Maki



Sizzling Beef

Miso Soup

I love the lamps


Dress to impress

Some people are asking me what is the best way to impress your boss or your co-workers? Usually I would just say "be yourself".

But what if being yourself just doesn't cut it? Then I suggest you step it up a bit.

Here are some tips on making that mark...

"Image management is the art of powering up non-verbal communication to transmit a predetermined impression. Effective image management can earn the professional greater respect, inspire trust, project personal power, efficiency, knowledge and other desirable attributes. The enterprise that neglects non-verbal communication is disregarding a potent business tool."

Business Apparel Categories

Business Formal

business formal - Cerruti Spring 2008

by Cerruti

- Black or navy suit with a slight sheen or tone on tone.
- White, cream or pale blue shirt preferable with French cuffs
- Never, never wear short sleeves or button down collars.
- Tie with small pattern or plain, tastefully coordinated.
- Well shined black leather shoes with coordinated black leather belt.
- Jewellery that is elegant and not ostentatious.


Authoritative - Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2008

by Dolce & Gabbana

- Navy, black or charcoal suit preferably with a fine pin stripe
- Double breasted presents itself as the ultimate in authoritative, power look.
- White or light coloured pastel shirt. If the suit is plain wear a striped shirt.
- French cuff - very appropriate. Never wear short sleeves or button down collars.
- Strongly contrasting tie; plain, small pattern or stripe. No picture or large design!!!
- Well shined black leather shoes with coordinated black leather belt.
- Jewellery that is elegant and not ostentatious.

Corporate Dress

Corporate Dress - Neil Barrett Spring 2008

by Neil Barrett

- Season appropriate suit, sport jacket or blazer and pant.
- Medium to light coloured shirt with a suit, dark blazer or sport jacket. Button down collars are fine.
- Coordinated tie.
- Dark shoes well polished with matching belt.
- Tasteful jewellery that is not ostentatious.

Business Casual

business casual - CK Spring 2008

by Calvin Klein

- Sport jacket or blazer and dress pant or softly structured suit.
- Consider wool, microfibre or even silk. Textured fabrics are great.
- Patch pockets as a nice casual touch.
- Knit top or open collared shirt. T-shirts not a great idea.
- Long sleeves are best.
- Leather shoes with coordinated belt. Athletic shoes, boat shoes, etc... not acceptable.
- Tasteful jewellery that is not ostentatious.


Casual - Miharayasuhiro Spring 2008

by Miharayasuhiro

- Semi casual slacks with a pressed crease in wool, microfibre, cotton or cotton blend.
- Knit top or open collared shirt. T-shirts not a great idea.
- Long sleeves are best
- Leather shoes with coordinated belt.Athletic shoes, boat shoes, etc... not acceptable.
- Tasteful jewellery that is not ostentatious


No. 1 Mom in the world!

It was my mom's birthday last Tuesday and me and my sisters decided to take her out for dinner. What better way to start the day by going to the spa. We then went to have dinner at Big Buddha at Greenbelt for some Chinese food.

My Mom

My sisters and mom with Rhodel


Happy family

My mom at my place

Foot Spa

Mom Relaxing


@ the spa


@ Big Buddha having dinner


A day in the spa

Lucien at the Spa

Lucien enjoying our SPA day!

After gym Lucien and I decided to go to our favorite snack place "TAPA KING". We both got Grilled Chicken with Green Salad with Honey Mustard Sauce for him and Vinegrette for me... Too bad I forgot to take pictures. I guess we were both hungry.

When we finished we ate BTIC Frozen Yogurt... Yummy! We then headed back to the condo and saw my cuz Raven who wasn't feeling good. Got some meds for him and decided to check out the spa downstairs. Hehehe! Got ourselves pampered before going to work tonight. We left the spa stress free and a bit sleepy.

I wish everyday is a spa day!

Weekends with Lucien and Friends

I had fun hanging out with Lucien, Ryan, Terrence and their friends last Sunday. My Sunday started slow... went to the Sunday market at Legaspi then went to buy some groceries at Landmark. Was thinking of going to sleep when I got a call from Lucien asking if I wanna hangout with them at Greenbelt. I said, sure since I wasn't really doing anything and I can't sleep yet. Thanks guys for having me. :)

Ryan and Terence 2

Greenbelt at night

Ryan and Terrence1

CYMA Greenbelt

Tapa King!

Definitely one of my fave place to get a quick snack. Tapa King is everywhere and there's so much to choose from... that's if you like Filipino food. And they're very affordable and they even serve greens. :)

Pork and Tofu - Yummy!

Porkchop with Garlic Rice

Tapa with Rice and Egg

Hmmm Pepsi Light!

Dinner at Banana Leaf

I missed eating at Banana Leaf... Had a chance to eat there last Saturday night with Lucien, Ryan, and Greg. Only thing is I didn't like the food now compared to the food before. Didn't even took pictures of the food since I really didn't like even the presentation. Don't know if Banana Leaf at the Podium still serves the good asian food like they used to. I hope. :(

Dinner at Banana Leaf 2

What's Inside Fudge

This is abit late though... got my copy first week of August... Just want to share to you guys what you will find inside.

Behind the scene

Get your copy now!

The Story

Bamboo and Vi

Ira and Nathan

The Band

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