Honestly I’ve never heard of eightfold until last Saturday when my friend who’s a part-owner invited me after checking out condo units at A.Venue Suites in Makati. Located at the San Miguel by the Bay in SM Mall of Asia, eightfold, serves primary Thai cuisine… a perfect place to chill and hangout with friends if you want to spend a quiet time with away from the crazy crowd that goes to the bay area. They make a mean pork and tuna sisig (Yes! You heard it right!), something that’s not common for an ordinary Thai Resto but who cares right? Filipino’s will always look for our fave sisig. For those who love Thai food though you’re up for a treat. Definitely try their Pad-Thai, Pomelo or Mango salad, and my favorite Chicken Pandan.

We started our dinner with a bowl of TomYam and I must say their version of this Thai staple dish is a must try. If you’re not into the spicy flavor better ask for their mild spicy to medium spicy version. The location is great for chilling and relaxing where one can wait and check out the Manila bay sunset while sipping cold San Miguel Beer. It’s just right beside LAX so those who love to party can either dropby before or after they hit the dance floor.

After downing all the delicious food we headed outside to the open area fronting the bay and decided to just converse while having a bottle of Chauvignon. Definitely a fun and relaxing experience.

To contact: you may get in touch with Tin Aviles @ 09178265414.


Caught on cam

Basketball anyone?

Just saw this in facebook... the guy in yellow is Jens Dieter B. Knuttel who plays in the FEU Tamarraws. I don't know if this really happened or just photoshoped :)


Dehado si Pacquiao

... kasi shampoo nya pang Dandruff and Falling Hair lang hindi pang COTTO

Looks like an exciting match... and for sure wala ulit traffic during the fight.

What do you think?


Manny Pacquiao graces Time Magazine cover

Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao was lined up with other boxing greats like Joe Louis, Max Schmeling, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Frazier, and Muhammad Ali as he appears on the cover of Time Magazine Asia.

Manny Pacquiao is the second non-heavyweigth professional boxer to be featured in the cover of the well-respected magazine.

Apart from heavyweights Louis, Schmeling, Frazier, Ali and middleweight Robinson, other boxers who had made it to the magazine’s cover include heavyweights Jack Dempsey, Primo Carnerra, Gene Tunney and the controversial Mike Tyson.

Pacquiao said being featured in the magazine is the “most humbling experience” in his boxing career.

“It is a great honor for me to be the face of my people and let everyone know we are a small but mighty country”, Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao will face Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto on November 14 in Las Vegas and will try to be the first boxer to ever record seven world titles in seven different weight classes.Pacquiao has won titles in the junior welterweight, lightweight, super featherweight, featherweight, super bantamweight and flyweight divisions.


Commercial Photographer and Stress

Being a Commercial Photographer according to CNN's article is one of the jobs that is considered stressful and this is why...

Stressful jobs that pay badly

Median pay: $43,600
% who say their job is stressful: 100%

The job may sound glamorous, but commercial photographers, who capture models, merchandise and landscapes for books, advertisements and catalogs, have to contend with long days, picky personalities and demanding deadlines -- sometimes withstanding precarious positions just to get that perfect shot.

"One time I was doing a portrait of two guys who owned a construction company. The next thing I knew I was standing on this little catwalk under the Throgs Neck bridge [in New York City], dangling above the water because it gave me this great angle," said Gale Zucker, a photographer from Branford, Conn.

Link: http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2009/pf/0910/gallery.stressful_jobs/8.html


Learning how to drive

Some people might be surprised to find out that I don't know how to drive... not until last two weeks ago. I never really found the need to learn until this year when I realized that I really have to learn how to drive and buy a car of my own. First thing's first though... I have to get the skills and learn how to drive. Early this month I decided to get my Student Permit and enroll at Honda Kalookan Driving School. The lesson lasts for 10 hours but I decided to divide it into 5 sessions every Saturday during my off from work. I finished my 2nd session and I must say I really enjoy the freedom of being one with the car and I guess it comes also with maturity and the eagerness to learn. Hopefully I get my license before this year ends and I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully I get to save enough money to buy my own car early next year.


Deato in Politics

Former Mayors of Polo, Bulacan (Valenzuela City)
Arcadio Deato, 1922 - 1928 (son of Pascual Deato)
Florentino Deato, 1946-1947; 1948-1951
Avelino Deato Sr., 1952-1955
Florentino and Avelino were both sons of Arcadio. The 2 brothers were mayor back to back.


Pascual Deato - Great Great Grandpa

Taken from the book, "Dr. Pio Valenzuela and the KKK.
Pascual Deato, a company commander of the KKK. he fought side by side with Andres Bonifacio and Dr. Pio Valenzuela.

PINOY AKO! Shoot resched to OCT 10

Due to bad weather we are re-scheduling the shoot for PINOY AKO! on Oct 10 @ Pioneer Studios from 1PM to 9PM

Please visit www.AYANDEATO.com to know more about the shoot and how you can help the victims of Typhoon Ketsana.


PINOY AKO! Register now!

Register and be counted. :)



Shoot Date: Sep 26
Location: EDSA Shangri-la Hotel

After party and launching / release of photos: October 24
Location: Aquaknox, Arnaiz, Makati City


Love and Career

Is it possible to have both?


I'm back!!!

It's been a while how have you been? Do check out my photography site at www.ayandeato.multiply.com and soon www.ayandeato.com

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