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I migrated my blog to wordpress.


Next Stop

I'm so excited with my upcoming trip to Beijing... can't wait to see this wonderful city and experience the culture that is CHINA.


Britney on Glee

So after watching Charice on Glee it's great to have someone from my generation Britney Spears.

Hillary Morris (photos above) is a revelation in this episode overshadowing even Lea Michelle.

You better make sure to watch the breakout performances of Britanny and Santana.

I wasn't that impressed with Rachel's performance in this episode but I liked the group's performance of Toxic.

Here's an article from CBS

Simply Ayan returns

I've decided to start blogging again... unfortunately my laptop decided to die on me but I plan to get a new one this week.

Aside from blogging about my daily activities I'll be blogging about photography and my travels so stay tuned.

For the meantime please visit my Online Folio at www.AYANDEATO.com


Long weekend

Sorry for the delay... been so busy lately to update this blog... these are photos from last week of April

Long weekend with friends

This album is all about seeing old friends again and meeting new ones.

Will just got back from Chicago and begged me to join him have dinner while he waits for Kris. I on the other hand went to Trinoma to meet my close friend from Dumaguete who I haven't seen for ages. We then bumped into my new friends who share the same passion in running... Lara and Nats with Wayne having coffee at Sky Garden.

We then drove to Will's uber posh condo in QC where I stayed for the night. When we woke up the following day I decided to get a massage and went out to party but unfortunately Will can't join us but promised to meet up the next day at Pier 1 with Mike, Harold, Karen, Hi, and Alex. Oh I forgot! We even went to the christening of Jacky's niece! Hoy Will and Karen iniwan nyo pa sa kotse yung souvenirs nyo! hahaha!

What a way to end the night and spend the weekend :)

Location: Trinoma, SM Annex, Sky Garden, Block, Pier 1, Caloocan

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