The new Case Manager!

Case Manager

I'm now on my third day as a full-time Case Manager here in Dell after undergoing training for almost 3 months. The job is not so hard but there's just too much paperworks! I don't even get to talk to my agents as much as I want to cause I'm either on the phone following up on their cases or answering emails and taking escalated calls on the floor. My co-case managers are handling the newer batch of agents which I thought I would be doing as well but management has other plans for me... they assigned me to a tenured team. Which means all the agents that I'm handling have been with Dell longer than myself! I just wish I meet their expectations. :)

Steve on a print ad

I was surprised to see my friend Steve on an ad in the newspaper yesterday... thought it would be fun to post the ad here. :)

Dell Batch 3 Agents

Ok you're looking at the new batch of kids... err I mean new batch of agents who's gonna be hitting production a few weeks from now here in Dell and I must say they are a funny group! This photo was taken during their graduation from Training. They started with their transition queue training this week.

California Gardens

Me and my housemate Raven went to California Gardens last week to check the condos there cause we're gonna move out of Princeville before April ends. A friend of our JR showed us around and we enjoyed every moment we were there. We had so much fun that we decided that this would be our first choice when we decided where to move by April.


Lea Salonga in Doha

To those who missed the performance of Lea Salonga during the closing ceremony of the recent Asian Games in Doha, Qatar.


The fight to get fit

It's almost 2 weeks now since I started this diet to get rid of the extra flabs around my waist and I must say I never felt better. My room mate Raven suggested the diet ofcourse I still have to go to the gym. In just less than 2 weeks I lost 2 inches around my waist and I wanna continue until I'm happy with the results.

Above is my diet for last week... breakfast I only eat quacker oats - no sugar, salt, or milk. I'm only allowed to put fruits cause guys eating oats without anything is torture. Lunch I eat fruits or cucumber. Dinner I get to enjoy salmon or tuna. Make sure though that when you get those tuna in can that it's just in water not in vegetable oil unless it's olive or canola oil.


No Smoking

No Smoking
Originally uploaded by AyanD.

Just to show how crazy we are! Hehehe! Smoking on a No Smoking Area.


Egg Drop

The Target

The Device

We're now on our 3rd day of our Leadership Training here at Dell. Yesterday's topic was Building Effective Teams where we learned alot about how important each step of the development process of a team is and how to address certain issues that arise from the forming especifically during the storming stage until it reaches the norming and finally the performing stage.

We had this really fun activity yesterdat called the "Egg Drop" challenge. We were divided into 3 groups and tasked to build a device that will allow an egg to withstand a free-fall, vertical drop from 10 feet, hitting the target without breaking. The conditions are that we may only be able to use the provided materials and tools with the following limits:

20 straws
3 feet of masking tape
2 feet of string
1 plastic fork
1 egg
1 ruler

In addition to this only 1 person at a time may leave the table and investigate other designs being developed by the other groups and is limited to 10 minutes of investigating.

After planning and discussing with the team we decided to use the straws to cushion the egg when it falls use the strings and masking tape to make the straws stick to the egg and some straws deliberately stick out to help in absorbing the initial shock when the egg false.

Out of the 3 teams two were able to make their device work but as you would notice all 3 devices have the same idea and design.

Turismo Negosyo

Ace and I (Pardon the shades... just got out of my shift at Dell) had a chance to catch up last weeat at this exhibit at the Mall of Asia where their company CHAMP (Center for Hospitality Arts Management Philippines) participated as one of the Participants.

The exhibit promotes tourism and at the same time encourages Filipinos to engage in business and foreigners to invest in the country's growing tourism industry.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was there to grace the event... who by the way I consider as the best president compared to Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, and Estrada.


Tribute to Matrix Team Bruno

Here's my favorite video...

This was made by my former team mate Drin when I was still with Etelecare. I miss these guys! I still get emotional whenever I watch this video especially now that most of us have moved on and are now doing our own thing. I hope we get to spend time together again in the future.


The Coconuter goes wild!

Got to watch this funny video by the coconuter... thought of sharing this with you guys. If you can't view it here you can view it using this url.

Original post by coconuter

Originally a catharsis project for a high school psychology class, this assignment for David Eric Poarch turned into quite an entertaining video. Having been booted from a previous catharsis performing team, David was forced to perform solo. He had only a couple of days to come up with an idea and did so at the very last minute. Singing, dancing, and acting to a medley of songs (Britney Spears' Toxic, Westlife's Uptown Girl & When You're Like That, Achy Breaky Heart, Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Disney's Kiss the Girl, and NSync's Bye Bye Bye) he made some of the best memories of his life through this unrehearsed and somewhat spur of the moment performance. It turned out to be quite a comical and impressive spectacle, to say the least. David is a half American half Filipino who attended Rice University in Texas for a little more than a year and has dropped out. He is now moving out of the country to become a nomad in the Philippines. He is currently dirt poor and scraping pennies (or centavos) just to buy bare necessities like food and water. He tries to maintain a web site ( http://coconuter.blogspot.com/) in order to earn some of his food money. He aspires of hitting it big one day in the Philippines somehow or some way. But for now, he's just a dirt poor person wandering in a third world country with just some knowledge, talent, and faith to guide the way. (more)


Project Nerd Buddy

If you have ever just wanted someone to "get on my computer and fix it," your day has come!

DellConnect is a simple online access tool that allows a Dell service and support associate to access your computer through a broadband connection, diagnose your problem and repair it. All under your supervision. So you decide what we see, where we go and what we do. It’s like we’re right there with you but we’re not.

To use this service you must have a high speed (broadband) connection and your Dell PC must still be under warranty. DellConnect is also available for “How To” services offered through Dell On Call*.

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