It's my time to Yspeak now!

Yspeak now
Yspeak now,
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Got a call from the Yspeak Management of ABSCBN... now it's my time to show my stuff on Friday as Yspeak Celebrates the spirit of EDSA at Market Market at The Fort.

Wanna check if you or your friend got in as one of the Yspeak Correspondents Aspirants? Check out the list of the people who got in the final screening here.

What's Yspeak? The show airs every Saturday at 4PM at ABSCBN. If you haven't seen the show yet check them out by clicking here.


The Phantom Of The Opera - A Review

The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Of The Opera,
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The Phantom Of The Opera is definitely one of those movies you should watch with your special someone. The movie reminds me of Moulin Rouge another musical that was given a new paradigm thru the magic of the silver screen.

The movie revolves around Christine and her quest to find true happiness in the shelter of the Opera house. Here she meets her angel of music in the form of the Phantom which she later finds out that is very much obsessed with her. Christine then has to choose between her respect for her angel and her love for Raoul (her childhood sweetheart)

I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars


Constantine - A Review

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When you die, will you go to Heaven or to Hell?

John Constantine, a irreverent supernatural detective played by Keanu Reeves in this adaptation of a DC/Vertigo comic book called Hellblazer, tries to answer the question and hope that he doesn't end with the later by deporting devils back to Hell. Constantine having seen and experienced what Hell is after committing suicide tries to buy himself his ticket to heaven by trying to save humanity from Licifer's son himself.

The only problem with this movie is that I can't help but think I was watching Matrix the whole time I was watching it. I guess it's because I got so used to seeing Keanu play the part of Neo in the Matrix trilogy.

3.5 out of 5 stars


Eastwood City Single's Night Out 2005

Singles Night Out EastwoodChristine, Me, and ZarinaChristine and Zarina

Thanks to the Eastwood City Management and staff for a wonderful night last Feb 14. I met alot of cool and nice people during that night of the hearts in the person of Karen, Christine and Zarina and the rest of the participants.

Thank you also to Ibisu, Jack's Loft, Eastwood Cinemas, Designer Blooms, and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for accomodating us during the duration of the event.


Happy Birthday Peter!

Peter Metzinger
Peter Metzinger

LovelySheng a.k.a. Jennifer GarnerLovely Tanya
EMBASSYStairs to heavenCool stuff from greenhills

So the media presentation of the contestants for the Eastwood Valentine's day dating game was over, what now? Was wondering what to do after when I got a text from my friend Aiza Marquez asking me if I wanna go to Greenhills to watch a concert of his friend, Gian of 1728. So by 11 my friend Nick Lalwani and I were on our way to Greenhills after we talking with his two friends in Pearl Drive Ortigas. By 11:10 we were already at the parking lot of Greenhills. (It really amazes me how fast this guy drives...) So we met up with my friend Aiza and watched the show while checking out the cools stuff that was being sold in the night market. Found this really cute item (will post a picture promise) that resembles a test tube with a penis shape object inside that squirts out water when you place it in your hand --- cool trick i thought.

After the show Aiza and his friend left for SM Mega Mall for another gig. Then I got a call from my dear friend Peter Metzinger who's celebrating his birthday (Feb 10) at Pasha in Greenbelt 3 with his good friend Vina Morales. Nick dropped me off at Greenbelt and joined the group. I met really cool people last night especially Tanya and Noel who's a very good friend of Peter and PJ who's from Toronton Canada who's just here for a vacation. Also there was Sheng who's working for Infonxx who in my opinion should try modeling because she is so damn hot!!! Tanya who's managing this turkish restaurant was so busy making sure we're all ok... too busy to the point that we had to remind her that she's not working that night and that she's out to have fun.

After dinner we then went to EMBASSY at The Fort and danced like that was no tomorrow at the VIP room. Familiar faces like Robbie Carmona, Tim Yap, Rich Herrera, Phoemela Beranda among others were there that night partying the night away. When it was 3:30 AM we decided to head to Government and continue the party there. By 5:00 AM we left and decided to check in Sommerset Hotel along Makati Ave. to continue our chat.

Tanya never fails to amaze me with her good sense of humor. She kept on making us laugh the whole night... or should I say morning. Woke up and found myself hurrying to get ready to work. Forgot I have training today at our Makati office... Waaaaah!


Fitness First

Fitness First
Fitness First,
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Guys I'm selling my Fitness First Lifetime membership. You would only pay Php 1700 plus per month instead of paying Php 2100 per month for a passport membership.

Hit me back if you're interested. Email me at ayan.deato@gmail.com

Me on a dating game?

Eastwood City
Eastwood City,
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Hey guys I was chosen to be one of the participants for Eastwood City's dating game for Valentine's Day. Just got a call this afternoon from the Eastwood City Management and was asked to go to the media presentation tomorrow.

If you're not doing anything tomorrow (Feb 11 Friday) night around 7PM, come to Eastwood City activity center and join us and have fun. I need all your support. Hehehe!


Help me update my list...

Hi friends,

Click on the link and please enter your birthday for me. I am
creating a birthday list of all my close friends and family.

I'm also updating my address book. Please click here

Thanks for your help.



Where do you workout?

I stopped working out for more than 4 months... been having problems squeezing in the gym in my schedule lately... I feel bad cause I've been paying my monthly fees at Fitness First for nothing since I don't get to go there.

Where do you guys workout? Any gym you would recommend? Not too expensive though and it would be a plus if it's near Santolan / Katipunan / Eastwood or also has a branch in Makati or Ortigas.

Hope to hear from you guys soon...



This kinda sucks...

Got this email today from a friend... don't know how accurate the info is since it's been a while since I last tried taking the train but anyway just a heads up when you're riding the LRT or the MRT.

Dont bring any pirated vcd, copy cd, data cd when you plan to ride the LRT or MRT. People from VRB are confiscating cds that are
unlabled and unliscensed. They dont care if it is a data disk for your work or files for school... pls pass this info to avoid the situation and if ever they tried to confiscate your data cd for work/school purposes, just prepare an explanation for the importance of your data cd.

The problem is the people who confiscate these cds dont even know how to identify a pirated cd/vcd or personal data cd files. If you have CD or DVD files, it's best not to ride the MRT/LRT. VRB has this on-going operation in confiscating pirated media effective today. Please pass this message to warn all of your E-media data users.



Thanks GwapoPinoy!

Got this message today from GwapoPinoy a group in friendster excusively for Filipino guys:

"GwapoPinoy member we are to inform you
that you are the image model for this month
of february and your pictures are being use
as primaty photo for our Yahoo! Group."

This is way cool! Thanks!

Check out the group here


Happy birthday to Direk Robbie Carmona

Robbie Carmona
Photo by Andy Maluche,
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Happy Birthday to my dear friend Robbie Carmona on February 7!
He celebrated his birthday last night at Halo in Makati and it was definitely a blast with celebs and models and friends joining the fun.
Kudos to you Robbie and more power!


Wanna earn extra money?

If you want financial freedom and at the same time enjoy what you are doing, then this is the business for you.

By the way if you are wondering, I work for a call center aside from doing part-time modeling and hosting jobs and if you think that what I'm earning from these jobs is already enough you're wrong.

I realized that It will never be enough even if I work 24 hours non-stop 7 days a week because I am just an employee. I realized that if I don't put up my own business I won't be able to experience financial stability. But what kind of business can you put up in a very competitive and fast environment that we have now?

It just so happen that a friend of mine invited me and showed me his business proposal. At first i was really hesitant but when I got the general idea of the business I realized that the ROI is very fast and that I could really earn alot from this business like what my other friends are getting.

If you are interested leave me a message at ayan.deato@gmail.com leave your number landline or mobile and let's talk business and how to get rich. (Philippines only... for now)

I promise you this will change your life... I know it changed mine.

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