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Filipino Cuisine
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Since I was a kid I have always loved eating and trying out all sorts of dishes ranging from Asian, American, European and even those exotic dishes. I guess it's because I've always been the adventurous type of guy that likes to try out something new all the time.

I can still remember when I was a kid, I would always try to help out in the kitchen especially during the yearly "barangay fiesta" instead of playing with the other kids outside and watch the street parades or join the street games.

Food has always been a part of the Filipino culture something I guess that makes us standout. Filipinos love to celebrate and with each celebration I bet you there would always be good food; One good example is our Christmas. The country has the longest Christmas and if you are a Filipino you know how fun and how much preparation is being put into it being a Christian country and all. Much of the preparation usually goes to the gifts, parties and ofcourse food.

If you wanna see how much Filipinos love food, try to get in a cab in the Philippines and close your eyes for a minute and I bet that when you open your eyes the first thing you'll see has something to do with food may it be a gigantic billboard, a guy eating fishball, a fruit stand, a fastfood restaurant etc.

Filipinos also love making their own "sawsawan" (dips) to compliment what they're eating. The most common are vinegar, "bagoong" (fish paste), "patis" (fish sauce), soysauce, chopped tomatoes, onions and green mangoes mixed together and alot more. There's a special "sawsawan" depending on the dish and the fun thing is that you can make your own.

To be continued...

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