Brown Bag meeting with Dick Hunter

I had the opportunity to have a brown bag meeting with Dick Hunter, Dell International Services VP for Customer Experience, this morning and I really had a nice time discussing issues and Dell's future plans for Dell Philippines and Dell International Services as a whole together with the other managers from our Tech Support and Customer Care Division. On the picture is Dick (2nd guy from the left) and Mike Garrison (extreme right) Dell's Country Manager.

Just a background about Dick... Richard L. "Dick" Hunter serves as vice president of Dell's Customer Experience team. In this role, Mr. Hunter is responsible for customer service and support as well as for Dell's global customer contact center operations in the Americas, India and the Philippines.

Previously, Mr. Hunter served as vice president of Dell Americas Operations. In this role, he managed the day-to-day operations of Dell's manufacturing facilities in Austin, TX; Nashville, TN; Winston-Salem, NC; and Eldorado de Sul, Brazil. He also led the Americas Remanufacturing and Returns Center Operations, Worldwide Fulfillment, Engineering and Quality, Demand-Supply, and the Environmental Health and Safety groups. Before that, Mr. Hunter held leadership roles in Portables manufacturing, supply chain management, and the Austin manufacturing operations organizations.

Prior to joining Dell in February 1998, Mr. Hunter worked for General Electric, Texas Instruments and Ericcson. He has more than 25 years of experience in high tech, manufacturing operations and supply chain management.

Mr. Hunter graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He serves on the Tennessee State University Supply Chain Management Governing Board and on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Leaders for Manufacturing Governing Board.

To my dear friend Ace

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I found this quote from Grey's Anatomy... This one's for my dear friend Ace.

"Too often going after what feels good means letting go of what you know is right. And letting someone IN means abandoning the walls you took so long to build. Of course, the toughest sacrifices are the ones we don't see coming ; when we don't have time to come up with a strategy, pick a side, or measure the potential loss. When that happens, when the battle chooses us and not the other way around, that's when the sacrifice becomes more than we can bear" - Grey's Anatomy

Syle EyeCatcher 6th Leg

The 6th leg of the Style Eyecatcher's model search happened last Saturday at the Shangri-la Plaza mall in Ortigas... my first time to watch the show and not really do anything... for a change! It was nice to see friends from the previous batch and it was nice to just be relaxing while enjoying the show.

Together with me were Raven, Patrick, Rhyme and Yo. The later two were there to support their respective girlfriends Imee and Princess. :) Ace came in the middle of the show. I had fun that night and would love to go to the finals night were all the winners of the 6 batches will compete for the ultimate title.

Imee landed in 3rd place and I'm so happy and proud of her for making it in the Final 3 of this leg... unfortunately she won't be joining the finals. But then again who cares? I'm happy she had fun, at least she got a spot. :)

Pinoy Big Brother Season 2

Pinoy Big Brother, the show that features ordinary people and where my bestfriend Uma started his showbiz career, is in it's 2nd season.

The Big Brother house opened it's doors to it's new boarders... last Sunday I got the chance to watched the grand opening of the show and I must say that this time it's bigger but I still like the first season... well we'll see how this goes.

Btw to ABSCBN the Celeb and the Teens editions really sucks! I suggest you stick with the original idea of Big Brother (I even watched the DVD since I wasn't here when it aired). I might still be interested in your celebrity edition but do be choosy with the celebs but please scratch the teens editions cause it really sucks! I didn't even dare watch it although I was already back in the Philippines when it aired.

Here are the new housemates for this season...


To answer your questions about Uma and Pao

Ok so alot of you guys are asking me about Uma and Pao... They're both good friends and it's really sad because people are judging their friendship. Look I know these people even when they were not yet celebs and I can tell you guys they are real people and they deserve to be respected.

There are alot of articles about they trying to put color in their friendship... here's an article from GMA7 forums where Pao answered all the questions about them.

"We have nothing more but friendship." This was the statement of Eat Bulaga! mainstay Paolo Ballesteros when he vehemently denied checking in an apartelle with Pinoy Big Brother
housemate Uma Khouny.

The two were reportedly spotted checking in an apartelle last week. Even before this rumor came out, there were already intrigues questioning Ballesteros and Khouny’s manliness, particularly in DJ Mo Twister’s “Forbidden Questions" segment.

Here’s how Paolo cleared clouds of doubt over his masculinity in an interview with the -Philippine Entertainment Portal Aminado si Paolo na noon pa sila magkakilala ni Uma. Dahil parehong aspiring models ay madalas daw silang magkita sa mga VTR at go-sees para sa mga commercials.

Eventually raw ay naging magkaibigan sila at nito ngang pareho na silang naging showbiz personalities, mas lalo silang naging magkaibigan at naging badminton buddies pa. Pero lately raw ay hindi sila nagkikita ni Uma, ayon kay Paolo, kaya nagtataka siya kung bakit may ganitong isyu.

Natawa pa nga si Paolo dahil nung madalas silang maglaro ng badminton ni Uma, hindi sila natsitsismis. Ngayong hindi sila nagkakasama dahil pareho silang busy, at saka pa sila naintriga. Idiniin din ni Paolo na wala silang relasyon ni Uma aside from being friends. Ayon pa kay Paolo, wala raw siyang karelasyon ngayon. Tungkol naman sa walang sawang pagkuwestiyon sa kanyang gender, tinatawanan na lang ito ni Paolo.

Admittedly, noong una raw ay nasasaktan siya dahil baguhan pa lang siya that time. Pero ngayon, mas iniintindi ni Paolo ang magiging epekto sa pamilya niya ng mga tsismis tungkol sa kanya, partikular na sa mother niya. Kung siya lang daw, kaya niyang harapin at deadmahin ang mga pangunguwestiyon sa kanyang pagkalalaki. Ang ayaw lang niya, yung idadamay pa ang kanyang pamilya. GMANews.TV


Mr. World Philippines 2007 is EMMANUEL MAGO

Mr. World Philippines 2007 is EMMANUEL MAGO


Mr. Bacchus Energy Drink: #11 Iago Raterta
Mr. Photogenic: #2 Peiman Borja Gomari
Mr. Physique (Best in Swimwear): #11 Iago Raterta
Mr. Friendship Ronnie Golpeo
Best In Formal Wear Benjamin Besa


Harry Potter's Penis gets a Standing Ovation

Is 17 old enough in Britain to be showing off your secret areas ? Were the British Namblas out in full force? Does it make ME a perv to wonder if it was wrong? Wait, we ran a photo of his ass. No. it's perfectly legal. Shut up!

The 17-year-old truly impressed with a bravura full-frontal display that earned him a standing ovation.

For his first leading role in the West End, Radcliffe chose Peter Shaffer's 34-year-old play Equus, where he plays a stable boy being treated by a psychiatrist for blinding six horses with a hoof pick.

The new performance comes as Radcliffe says he hopes the boy wizard dies in the seventh and last book of the series.

Oh, horsies! It whinnied! Was the standing O for the performance or for what he's twerking with? That's any guy's dream. Acclaim for your junk.

Just migrated to the new Blogger

Hey guys! I just migrated to the new Blogger Beta, hence the new look and the new functionality. You can check out the site and if you find anything wrong or a bug please don't hesitate to message me. Added functionalities are as follows.

You can now view all my posts easier by date or by label. Yes, I started putting labels on every post. I'm still working on putting labels to all of my previous posts. Please bear with me cause there's a total of more than 500 posts here. Also you can give your comments at the side bar plus there is a new feature that allows you to get a snapshot of the sites that are featured or mentioned in any of my previous posts. If you guys also would like to make a donation you can do so via paypal. I will donate 50% of the amount that I will get from this blog to UNICEF.

Please wait for further announcements on the new features of the site.



Dell Launches Dell Earth!

On January 9th 2007, Dell launched “Dell Earth (www.dell.com/earth),” a new online site designed to provide a high-level, holistic view of all of Dell's environmental initiatives for our consumers/public.Dell is dedicated to help preserve the environment, and Dell Earth provides up-to-date information on our programs and progress.

Can anyone use this program?
Currently, the program is available to Dell’s U.S. consumers making new computer purchases.It will be available to any U.S. consumer for any brand of computer in February 2007, and will be available to consumers globally by April 2007.

Can a business customer use the program?
Currently, the program is designed for Dell consumers.However, after February 2007, any computer customer can access the site and make a donation.

Why is Dell doing this?
This is Dell’s latest environmental stewardship effort and an important part of our customer experience.We are partnering with our customers to protect the environment.

Who is Dell partnering with to make this happen?
Dell is partnering with the Carbon Fund and Conservation Fund for this effort. Dell will collect donations from participating customers and remit to the partners.Our partners will use these funds to plant trees.

How did you estimate the donation amounts?
The amounts are based on expected average CO2 emissions from the production of electricity needed to power the systems over 3 years. For a notebook, it is .42 tons and for a desktop, it is 1.26 tons.The cost of the carbon offset is $4.75/ton.It costs approximately $6.3/tree planted.On an average, a tree will sequester 1.33 tons of CO2 over 70 years through the program.

Can planting a tree really make a difference?
Yes, over an average 70-year lifespan of a tree, it will trap about 1.3 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere - roughly the emission that would result from a road-trip from Maine to California. This more than offsets the carbon emitted from the production of electricity used to power a computer during its average life span.

What types of trees are planted and where?
The donation funds are used to plant native trees only.These trees are planted across the U.S. in forests that are sustainable including national wildlife refuge.The Conservation Fund also focuses on reforestation efforts in the Lower Mississippi River valley area.When the program is available outside the U.S., planting projects outside of North America will also be identified.


We did it!

Ok I know it's kinda late but then again... here it goes.

In 2004, the Philippines entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of kissing couples, 5,327 pairs to be exact beating the previous mark of 4,445 in Chile.

In 2005, Hungary broke the record, in a kissing festival attended by 5,700 couples.

Last Feb 10, just after midnight and four days before Valentines Day, the Philippines is once again the titleholder of the most number of kissing couples as Lovapalooza 2007 recorded 6,124 pairs kissing simultaneously in a period of 10 seconds!

Woooh! That's alot of smooching! Anyway good thing it was a Saturday or I would be trap again in traffic going to work like what happened during the Pyro Tech Olympics held last January here at the Mall of Asia.

Who will be Mr. World Philippines 07?

The contestants for the Mr. World Philippines 2007 pageant are being presented to the press in this photo (courtesy of Mabuhay Beauties). The coronation night will be aired live on February 17 on GMA 7. The winner of this pageant will be our official delegate to the Mr. World pageant, organized by the Miss World organization, to be held in Sanya, China this March.

Link: Mr World 2007 / Mr World Blog


Happy Valentines

Got an email today from a co-worker. I just feel so sorry for these guys cause people can't seem to stop talking about them.

Attached in the email is a message:

" The image attached has been a source of inspiration and hope to everyone who was in love, who is still in love, and who plans to be in love. This only shows that love is and will always be proof that there is something far greater than what we humans would ever truly understand.. . = ) This is the power of holding hands... "

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Go Dell Team Go Dell Team Go!

Our graduation was over... now we're in Transition Queue trying to learn as much as we can about the process while we're still waiting for our agents.

We got a bit crazy during our graduation day as you can see in the pictures. :)


Philippine Blog Awards 2007

Are you a Filipino with a blog worth noticing? Think you got what it takes to be called one of the Philippines' best bloggers?

The awarding is open to all Filipino bloggers who have full ownership of their blogs. This implies that blogs belonging to blog networks or corporate blogs cannot be included because of ownership rights. The awards therefore pay homage to "grassroots bloggers" who have built up their blogs from their own efforts.

Philippine Blog Awards will start accepting entries by February 14, 2007


You hate Globe's new Unlitxt rates?

Alot of my friends who uses Globe can't stop but complain about the new Globe Unlitxt Rates. At first I didn't really pay much attention to it since I was so busy working and minding my other problems to pay attention.

Checked the internet for the new rates and got numerous articles about it but mostly complaints from Globe users. Here's an article from GMA 7's website:

"Globe Telecom will offer different rates for its mobile phone unlimited SMS service starting February 1.Ayala-owned Globe, the country’s second biggest mobile phone service provider, will replace its “Unlimitxt” offer with the “Globe Unlimited Texting” service that will come in four variants.

The company’s subscribers will pay P25 for a day of unlimited texting within the Globe network, with text messages sent to other networks costing P0.15 less, or P0.75 per SMS.Globe subscribers can also choose a daytime unlimited texting service which will run from 8 a.m. to 4:59 p.m. for P15 per day.

Subscribers could also opt for a nighttime unlimited texting service from 10 pm to 7:59 am at P10 per day.

The offer’s final version is the all-day unlimited texting service for P20, with messages to other networks’ subscribers at P0.90 per text.
At present, Globe’s Unlimitxt service provides heavy SMS users the option to send unlimited intra-network text messages for P15 for one day, P25 for two days and P50 for five days.
source and read more: Globe to modify unlimited text service"

Personally I don't mind if Globe changes the rates but they should have informed their subscribers ahead of time. Alot of my friends already said that they will just transfer to Smart or Sun. I wouldn't blame them but I don't think Globe wouldn't even care.

If you wanna petition against Globe Telecom's new Unlitxt rates go to http://www.petitiononline.com/glb20207/petition.html


Keep those votes coming...

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Please continue to vote for my friend Paolo in StarStruck. Thanks!

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