People Power Again?

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What? Another People Power in the making? As if this country needs another one. I personally DON'T THINK SO. What pisses me is that these so called ANTI-GLORIA leaders are just in it for their own political gains. I don't have anything personal against them or in favor of GMA (btw I didn't vote for her just to make it clear) but come on... haven't we learned from our past?

Everytime there's talk about corruption in the government, political parties would go all out to get things going for them even to the extent of ousting a president. What they don't understand or fail to understand is that everytime they do this they divide the country and again puts the country in a situation where investors would feel uneasy to be putting in money to the country. These rich politicians don't care since they're rich and powerful and can leave the country anytime they wish.

I don't want to name names. I don't want these politicians to use me to make their names known to people who don't need to know their names in the first place. I just hope they realize what they're doing before it's too late.

GOD save this country!

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