Viva Singapore!

Got to Singapore safe and sound. Went on duty the same day and I'm already missing the Philippines. I miss going to the malls and watching movies with my friends and family but I'm enjoying my stay here at Super Star Virgo.

We went to Malaysia last Sunday but didn't get the chance to get off the ship to shop or anything because I have so many things to do. This morning though I was able to get off the ship to eat lunch at a local cafeteria in Phuket Thailand. As usual the food is very spicy. Bought mangoes and fruits from the store near the port.

I can't post pictures yet since the computer here in the ship doesn't have the option for me to do that. (too bad!)

Anyway I'm very excited because next week I'll be included in our theater show called Beyond Broadway showcasing a number of popular broadway musicals. I might be singing a song from the musical Miss Saigon and Phantom of the Opera but still don't know which part.

Anyway next week I'll be doing a number with another cruise staff at our weekly Gala Fashion show. Life here is hard but at the same time fun because I get to do what I love doing and that is to entertain people.

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