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Have you seen the footage of GMA when she gave her statement last Monday? I personally don't know if I would still believe her after all the things that have been said. She said on her statement that she was anxious to protect her votes and admits that she talked with alot of people, including COMELEC (Commission on Elections) official, Garcillano. I do admire her for her courage to admit what she did although she still denies that the elections was rigged.

Here's an article from The Manila Times regarding the said interview.

FINALLY breaking her silence, President Arroyo apologized Monday for talking with an election official about her hopes for a million-vote margin in last year’s election, calling it a lapse in judgment.

But the President said she did nothing wrong and would not resign.

In a nationally televised speech, she appealed for unity as she addressed the three-week-old political crisis over the wire­tapped phone conversation that has sparked calls for her to resign with five years still left in her term.

“I recognize that making any such call was a lapse in judgment,” Mrs. Arroyo said somberly as she looked into the camera. “I am sorry. I also regret taking so long to speak before you on this matter.”

Opposition Sen. Panfilo Lacson was not persuaded by the President’s explanation. “Now that she has authenticated [the tape], she must vacate,” Lacson said minutes after Mrs. Arroyo’s speech.

He said the President’s admission has left more questions than answers. “Lalo kaming na­li­lito sa kanyang pag-amin sa unang pagka­kataon. Ang maliwanag na lumahok siya sa pan­da­raya [We’re more confused now that she has admitted; what is clearer is that she has participated in rigging the election],” Lacson said.

Environment Secretary Michael Defensor said MalacaƱang expects from the opposition a barrage of tirades against the President.

“[Her admission] will be acceptable to the people, but I am sure the opposition will have the second chapter to this issue,” he said. “Believe me, those who want to boot the President out of MalacaƱang will make another telenovela out of this.”

The President went on: “I take full responsibility for my actions. To you and to all those good citizens who may have had their faith shaken by this event, I want to assure you that I have redoubled my efforts to serve the nation and earn your trust.”

She said she had made progress in her re­form agenda and asked the people to move on.

“I want to close this chapter and move on with the business of governing.”

In her television address, Mrs. Arroyo did not categorically say she was the woman in the audio recordings.

It was far from clear whether her statement would appease the opposition and leftist groups that have allied against her and held street protests. Several congressional committees began hearings last week on the wiretapped tapes.

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