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Guys do check out Fudge Magazine's August Issue with Bamboo on the cover
Styling done by KC Leyco, Ayan Deato, and Faby Carino

Fontana - Team Building at Clark Field Pampanga

The end of our team building took us to Fontana Clark Pampanga.

In attendance:
Area Manager Rache Cachuela, Team Managers and Case Managers under Rache's cluster

Fontana Entrance

The Gang!

Yum Yum!

Something I made

Keys to the villas

Tickets to the water park


Ahoy there!


Flags of the world at Parkson Duty Free


Last night was a blast


Ok so I still have a few minutes left before our van leaves for Fontana... I just wanna say I had so much fun last night... Went out and watched Ratatouille at Greenbelt with a date.

My date was fine! The Movie was great! Food was nice! Everything last night was so good! I even got to see my old friend Vharz during his 1 hour break from HSBC who happens to be a close friend of my date!

Anyway gotta go now... the van's waiting. :)


Beyonce Falls...

http://view.break.com/337868 - Watch more free videos

Show must go on... Go Beyonce!


So Excited!

Don't forget the tickets!!!

It's about to start!

IMAX Baby!

Big Shades!!!

Uwi na!


My Boss (Rache) and Me

This week is our cluster's Team Building Week... Yesterday we had our Leadership and Development Session and today we all watched Harry Potter at the IMAX Theater with my fellow Case Managers, Team Managers and our Area Manager Rache Cachuela.

Come Sunday we'll be going to Fontana at Clark Field Pampanga... Fun!


Busy weekend...

Who said that weekends are boring? Not with me and my friends... hehehe!

Well I wanted to post these pics sooner but work has been so stressful I never got the chance to post them. But I decided I will post them today... Be ready with to scroll down... this would be a long post.

Saturday morning I got home and slept until 9PM. Met with my friends from the cruise. Ryan, Herel, JD, Benj and Jeff. We went to the Seven Eight Orange party at Warehouse.

There was light! - 2 seconds of it!

Shiny Disco Balls

Kris and me

Me, Kris and Ryan

The Gang


That night my friend Nat from Thailand called me asking where I am... apparently he just got back to Manila from Hongkong and wants to go out. He picked me up and we went to Malate.

The bars

Tor or Bottom?

Colorful Rainbow

Open Wide!


Got home 6AM Sunday and slept until 12:30. Went to the Sunday Market and bought some stuff for the condo at 1PM. Had lunch at Dusit with friends from Thailand.

D Lobby



Pork Wraps

Caesar Salad

Finally had dinner at Fraser... Faby cooked a lovely Dinner for everyone and I got to help her together with Demo. Thanks Faby!


Look mom I set the table!




We had massage after and I went on a date... who? Will let you know probably in my next blogs.


It's time to be Green!

Electronic Jeepney!

Green is definitely in!

I just joined an organization that helps protect the environment... and yes you got it right it's GREENPEACE. I've always wanted to do something that would make an impact even in my own little way. Starting today I will be using my blog and multiply to post information about the organization and it's activities and maybe get the message across.

Here's something that might be of interest to you guys...

An Electric Jeepney coasts along Bacolod City, 50 minutes by plane south of Manila 13 July 2007. Bacolod is the capital of Negros Occidental, the first province in the Philippines to embrace a 100% renewable energy target. The Electric Jeepneys, which are meant to be powered by renewable energy sources, were launched today by GRIPP (Green Renewable Independent Power Producer) and Greenpeace during the visit of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to the city. GRIPP and Greenpeace called on the national government to support the large-scale replication of the project and to facilitate the massive uptake of renewable energy alternatives in the country.

Aside from Bacolod another city where this initiative is taking place is Makati City. Makati hope to get a better rating when it comes to the quality of air in the area from Fair to Good.


I'm feeling awesome!


Here I am again posting my random thoughts... well yesterday I said I'm stressed and bored with my life but today after an hour on the bike and an hour pumping iron in the gym I feel like I'm ready to conquer the world!

Was reading my cuz' blog and bumped into his entry... well we both read each others blogs every so often and I guess we both feel the same way about our lives... sometimes we are faced with the dilema of choosing what is more important but then again we are also given the right to choose how we react to certain things or event in our lives. He's right I shouldn't feel down... I have a good job, a good place, great friends and a superb self esteem to boot... I do miss traveling and seeing the world but I guess everything has it's time and at least now that I'm rooted I get to spend more time with people who matter most to me.

I still wanna travel, explor, be a singer, a performer, be back to hosting events again and do print ads again, go to the US or go to Europe and enjoy the culture and sights and the fact of just being free... I know I will be able to achieve all these but for now I have to be happy with what I have.

I agree with my cuz... being an employee does change everything... but it doesn't mean that my job has to control my life and my relations with people.

Let me borrow this line from my cuz' blog... "I was never good , Im always great . I will get all that ... i will."

Yeah I do envy others because they have something i do not have, but there are things that i have that they don't... I have great friends (a few but great!), a loving family, and a positive view of life.

But at the end of the day it's not what you have but how you appreciate them...

Cheers !




I've been so stressed lately. I don't know why but recently I easily get mad and I feel like I'm always tired or that I feel like I need more sleep. Thought my weekend activities have somewhat balanced my lifestyle... work work work during the week and relax, gym, and have fun with my friends during the weekend.

My cousin who's a training manager in an outsource call center told me today that he forwarded my CV to their Human Resource Department and I should get a call from them anytime within the day or tomorrow for a Team Manager post. All I can do was say "ok". My mind is definitely not working properly as I just wanted to rest... but I don't know how.

Oh I just downloaded some meditation music and I've been playing this over and over here in my station at work... let's see if it works! Hahaha!

Bamboo Fever

Bamboo Cap - Penshoppe

Nathan and Ira



I was never a fan of Bamboo but since I had the chance to have a photoshoot with them the other day for a Magazine Cover I decided to make the most out of it.

For legal reason I can't post the pics from the shoot until the magazine comes out next month but here's a cap that they all signed for me. ;-)


Organic Soaps for Sale!

Organic Soaps for Sale

Php 60 each
Buy 4 get 1 free
Can meet around Makati Area or Fitness First Makati

Will need to update the list... but here's what I have right now

Bath Soap(s)
Cinnamon & Ginger
Fresh Green Apple
Choco, Vanilla, Cinnamon w/ Rolled Oats
Lemon Grass & Ginger
Kelp & Basil
Cinnamon & Ginger

Refreshing & Deodorizing Soap(s)
Cinnamon Mint

Skin Clarifying Soap(s)

Relaxing Soap(s)
Green Tea & Chamomile

Message me at:
Globe 09157777928
Sun 09226331181


Busy Sunday

Ako rin!

Eto pa

Demo for Sale

Alabang Town Center

I'm so white here! Grrr!

Me and Demo

I hate Starbucks!

Fabs and Mortimer

Early Sunday morning I got a text from my Cousin Raven asking me to hurry and go to Fraser so we could workout and have breakfast there with Demo. I was already up when he texted me but I had this huge headache since I got to sleep pass 3AM... (edited)

It was around 9AM my cousin picked me up at the lobby of Fraser and we went straight to the Gym area. Worked out for a bit and headed off to the unit. I forgot that he has a photoshoot at Paranaque that day so after breakfast he kept on bugging me to go with him and Demo to the shoot! I was supposed to do some errands that day but since they asked oh so nice I had to give in again and joined them all the way to Paranaque plus Demo wants me to tag along since he will be waiting for hours all by himself. 1:30PM we arrived at the location of the shoot.

Demo and I decided to go to Alabang Town Center and have lunch and coffee while waiting for the shoot to end. Good thing we did... we had so much fun watching the people walking pass us while we were having lunch... we can't help but compare the shoppers here from the shoppers in Greenbelt or Glorietta or some other malls. I really liked ATC but I also noticed that ATC is not as nice as before.

7PM we were at Rustans buying some ingredients for tonight's dinner. Fabby and I prepared dinner for all of us back at Fraser. Plus we had a very special guest... Stephanie's date!

Well another busy sunday!

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