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Christoph Angelo

I was so busy with work today that I actually forgot that my aunt from Germany is coming home with her two kids. I completely lost track of time. If my mom didn't text me to say that they're already on the way to the airport to pick my aunt I wouldn't have an idea they're coming today. Anyway I was supposed to go home straight from work but my friend Dindin called me up on my mobile telling me she's back in the Philippines from Singapore... well so much for going straight home... I went to Gateway instead to meet her and Ryan. After talking for a few hours we all decided to go home.

When I got home I don't really know what to expect... I saw two cars parked outside the house one is familiar, that's my uncle's the other one I really don't have an idea. When I went in I saw my dad having a drink with a guy who turned out to be my one of my cousin's husband whom I haven't seen for so long. Anyway I saw my aunt inside and I even heard her say who's that is that my nephew? Anyway I said hi but let her do her thing because she was so busy giving away perfumes, clothes, bags etc... (You know the usual Filipino tradition of "PASALUBONG")

I went straight to my room and saw these two cute boys who turned out to be my cousins Angelo and Christoph. I didn't know they were already this big. Well I only get to see them in pictures but now they're infront of me... One problem though... they don't speak English nor Tagalog but only German. After trying everything I gave up and then I asked them to have a game of Tekken and Need for Speed and it's all ok.


Thanks Uma for the cap

Thanks Uma for the cap
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Thanks best for the Guess Cap... although I know you just gave it to me because it's not Penshoppe... hehehehe!

(Uma at the back packing for his Iloilo Trip)

Uma's Penshoppe Cap Collection

Uma's Penshoppe Cap Collection
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Inside Uma's room is his Penshoppe Cap collection. I just can't resist but ask for one cap. At least now I know what to give him on his birthday... caps caps and more caps.


Uma, Rose, and Me inside their crib
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I missed these guys so much! I haven't seen them for almost a year and you could just imagine how happy we were to see each other again after so long. Was in Greenhills last Friday after our meeting with Chalk Magazine in ABSCBN. Went straight to C3 events place to meet my friend Vince who's one of the organizers of the Parangal ng Bayan awards night. Got a bit bored and thought of calling Uma since he just lives around the area. Wasn't really hoping to get to see him since he told me he will be in Iloilo when I last talked to him. I called him and he told me that his flight is won't be until 3AM so I could go to the condo. After spending time with them and having dinner prepared by their cousing Peachy I went back to C3 events to have coffee with Vince. By the way thanks Uma for the Cap. :)


FabTrix Promotions

FabTrix Promotions
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Been very busy these past few days because I just started working again... this time with FabTrix Promotions... An events company located in Makati near Rockwel.

We will be having a campus tour together with Chalk magazine this coming July so I've been to busy getting sponsors and following up on our show.

Btw if you want to have us organize your event don't hesitate to message me here or through my email ayan.fabtrixprom@yahoo.com or ayan.deato@gmail.com

Our website is still in the process so emailing me would be the best way to reach us.

Happy Anniversary to Station 168

After the event with Jane
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Hosted the 5th Anniversary of Station 168 at Azzuro in Somerset Milleneum Bldg in Makati and I would really like to thank Jane Chua for making me feel so at home. Congratulations and hope to work with you guys again soon.


The bitches together again!

Ryan, Tina, Ana and Me
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You say BITCH like it's a bad thing...

That was our favorite line when we were still together and it is still until now... Got the phrase from Colin Kerr's shirt. I miss these guys! Good thing we're all back in the Philippines. Ryan, Ana and me got together last night at The Fort in Taguig and went to Timog in this place called Dapo which is actually a nice place to go to have drinks and smoke with friends. I love the band and the swimming kois in the man made pools. Around 11:30 we headed to this place called Conspiracy in Visayas Avenue. It's an old house converted to a bar where according to Ana "Politically Aware People" go to. It's a nice bar and it's very cozy plus everything is cheap from the drinks to the "pulutan". I would definitely recommend their crispy dilis. Yum Yum! On the picture are (from left) Ryan, My friend Tina, Ana and me. Btw alot of my friends don't recognize me when I don't put my hair up like on the picture... I plan to grow my hair long again... I can't put it up anymore which kinda weird. Hehehe!


The best dancer!

Guys this is so funny... if you are from the call center industry or teaches english in school you might not find this funny at all but feel sorry for the girl.


The van in Mall of Asia

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To show you guys how big the Mall is ... here's the van that we had to take to go to the other side of the mall.

The BIGGEST Mall in Asia

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Ok, so the Philippines maybe small but it has the biggest Mall in Asia to date... The SM Mall of Asia opened it's doors to the public just last month and it's said to be the BIGGEST Mall in asia with 4 buildings as big as the SM Megamall along EDSA.

Went to SM Mall of Asia this afternoon and it is really huge! My friends and I even had to take a mini van to around to the other side of the mall because we're so tired of walking around and getting lost inside the mall. It has an olympic size ice rink and to think that we are in a tropical country. Pretty cool and worth visiting.


Inside the Church

My friend Klein and Me
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Ok pardon the sleepy look... this what hearing a mass does to me... hehehe! That's Klein and me inside the church right after mass.

I'm being holy again???

Inside Barasoain Cathedral
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Ok so maybe it's been a while since I last heard mass or maybe it's just the fact that I haven't seen some of my old friends that's why I went all the way to Malolos Bulacan just to hear mass this evening.

Today was aboring day like the last few days since I've been back in Manila. I guess it's because I'm not employed right now and been spending most of my time at home. Not that it's a bad thing but lets face it staying home is damn boring. Anyway today was such a day... slept early last night and early for me is 3AM. I woke up around 11AM and felt so bored so I watched a few DVD movies and after that I got bored so I cleaned the house. Yes you heard it I cleaned the house complete with vacuuming and scrubbing the tiles in the washroom and also I took the liberty of giving my dog naomi a bath.

Around 5PM I got a call from Klein asking if I want to join them for a joy ride around Bulacan and also go to mass at Barasoain Cathedral... I had to think really hard before I answer so after 3 seconds I said "sure what the heck!"

5:30 PM I left the house on my way to SM Marilao where he will pick me up and the rest of his friends... whom I haven't met yet... talk about going out at the spur of the moment. So there I was at SM waiting and around 6:05 PM Klein called me up and said he's on his way and 10 minutes later I was inside the car playing around with his radio.

We had to pick up two of his friends along the way and by 7:45 PM we were inside the church... Actually it was fun going to church. Everyone was so serious and me and my friends are like devil advocates because we keep on smiling at each other because we're like "dude do we belong here?" Anyway by 8:25 PM the mass was over and we headed for Klein's friend's house nearby. Apparently there was a birthday party at Joey's (that's the name of the guy) place. We gate crashed and got ourselves free food and booze. Joey was such a good host. Anyway by 11:30 we decided to go home. Although tomorrow is a national holiday some of them had to go work. Too bad I was just getting tipsy. Hehehe!


My new baby

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I want you to meet my new baby Naomi... She's less than 2 months old and her hair is just starting to grow.

By the way here's a short history about the breed...

Shih Tze Kou, Shitzu, Shih tzu dog or Shi tzu belongs to a breed which has it's origin in Asia. Asian breeds always have mystic origins, inherited with legends, which we can guess more then be able to establish facts.

There used to exist some primitive type of a shepherd dog in the Tibet Mountains. It was resistant to severe living conditions and environment, had a long, double-layer hair and a tail he carried on his back. This specific shape-form of dog has a very significant role to a great number of today's breeds.

In time, other, different types start to originate from this dog. On one side was created a "long-legged" type, which later became a Tibetan mastiff. On the other side, a "short-legged" type, with a long thick hair was developing. This form of dog represents the forerunner of long-haired breeds like Shih Tzu.

When Buddhism arrived to Tibet, at 700 bc, these dogs were named " The Lion Dogs". The original name of these dogs is "Shih-Tze-kou". In this compound word Shi-Tze or Shi-Tzu is a word for a Lion and a word Kou means Dog. That's where the expression "The Lion Dog" comes from.

They were raised and cherished at the castles and at the court. Golden-haired dogs were especially highly rated. It was noted that Buddha never went anywhere without a Shih Tzu as a companion.

The origins of Shi-Tzu are quite unclear and hardly explainable. This is confirmed by certain notes where it has been written that there were dogs on Tibet in 7th century who lived in Strong Tsan Gamp epoch and are forerunners of Shih-Tzu. Besides this form of dog, for the genesis of Shih-Tzu, certain significance and importance had a lion-shaped animal with short legs.

These dogs became stylish (modern or came to fashion) during Shing Dynasty reign (1643-1912). There are certain beliefs that during the T'ang dynasty reign a Maltese appeared in China and it could have been used in creating a Shih-Tzu.


Paolo's Wedding...

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After our talk in La Salle Benilde we went straight to Robinson's Malate and just shopped a bit. Around 3 we got 6PM we got bored so we decided to go to Glorrietta and meet up my friend Vince and Aiza Marquez. Too bad Aiza was a bit busy so we didn't get to meet her that night but it was nice to bump to old familiar faces. I saw a few old friends who don't know that I'm back in Manila.

Anyway around 9PM Urk and I decided to have dinner at Recipe in Greenbelt 3. By 10 we left for Paolo's place in Wakwak to attend his wedding reception. Picture above. :) After getting drunk my friends and I decided to hit the bars in Makati. Left the bar at 7:30 AM... Too much ParteE!

I doubt

Alvin Alfonsoh
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This is the sexy Alvin Alfonso... alot of people are telling me that we look alike... I highly doubt it though. He's definitely way cooler than me... but thanks anyway I'm so flattered.

What the...

What the...
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This is a funny poster from La Salle Benilde... You might ask what's so funny about a poster that show's the inappropriate camous attire? Well as you can see the poster shows the clothes you can't wear inside the campus but if you look closer you miht ask... do they really need to pose like models to show the clothes banned inside the campus?


Wasted Again...

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So my friend thought it would be funny to take a photo of me and my friend Daydrige while sleeping on our way back to Manila from Subic... Hehehe!

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