Leaving you... and everything behind.

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Leaving You Behind

Leaving you wasn't easy,
but yet it wasn't hard.
You made me cry.
I made you do the same.
I will miss you till I see you,
and love you forever.
I feel bad for leaving,
yet happy I’m gone.
As I sit here thinking of you,
I feel lost yet complete.
And as you sit thinking of me,
you feel whole yet sad and incomplete.
I can see the fear in your eyes,
feel the pain in your hands.

Leaving you wasn't easy,
but yet it wasn't hard.
Seeing you hurt,
seeing you cry and weep,
moan scream and cut,
it hurts me to say I’m sorry and mean it.
You love him and admit it,
yet i know you know you guys don’t belong.
Yes I know no one will understand,
never will never have.
But I can help,
and even from 4 hours away,
I am still in use.

I am sorry for leaving you and making you cry.
But it’s something I had to do.
I had no other choice.
Yes I could’ve stayed,
yes I could’ve never left.
But that would mean putting me under pain and stress.
That would mean more cuts and scars.
Screams and cries.
I chose what I did because I had to.
No because I wanted to.
I will always miss you till you come,
and never forget you until you forget me.

Leaving you wasn’t easy,
but yet it wasn’t hard.

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