Could this be it?

I'm a bit sleepy and tired tonight here at work... Slept Sunday night around 11PM and got up 4AM Monday... Got bored so went online for an hour and got ready to go back to the Condo.

Last Sunday was a blast but I had to go to my parent's place and get more stuff. I left our house around 8AM and got to the condo a few minutes before 9AM. I tried catching some sleep but I really can't (plus text messages from R made it hard to keep my eyes shut). R and I've been exchanging messages since the first time we met at my good friend Ben's birthday party. R's nice and I think we click.

Anyway I wanted to get some sleep since I have work tonight plus I will be meeting up with R tonight for dinner. Around 4PM R texted me asking if we could drop by the gym before going for dinner.

45 minutes later I was at the gym and met up with R. We had fun working out... well mostly chatting! Hehehe! By 6 we decided to shower and meet up outside the gym. We went to this Japanese resto at the promenade for dinner. I felt bad for R though since last week R is having a hard time eating with the new braces and splint to correct R's TMJ problem.

After dinner R wanted to have coffee so we went to this coffee shop and started talking about our lives. I asked R how the kids are doing... yes R has kids, 2 boys actually. I just realized that R is just as funny as me which was a welcomed surprise.

We didn't want to leave yet but I had to work and R had to go home since work starts early tomorrow morning plus the kids are waiting back home.

In the car R we held hands... silence. An Erie but wonderful feeling. Definitely this is not the last... will see you again Bebi! Take care!

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