Let's go to the market!




Let's Eat

It was a lovely Sunday morning. This is the first day of my stay in my new place in Makati. My cousin Lucas and I decided to go to Greenbelt to have breakfast but on the way there we passed the Sunday Market and decided to check it out and probably grab some food and stuff for the condo.

We ended up buying tons of fruits, a bottle of this really nice tomato dip, a bag of organic / handmade body soap, and breakfast! We had this burger steak and a healthy plate of eggplant with tomatoes and onion topped with Bagoong (Shrimp Paste)

I also saw someone I don't wanna see... then it hit me. This person lives just right across the street from where my place is. What a small world!

All in all it was a nice experience... especially on a sunday when you just wanna relax... We'll definitely put this in our weekly agenda.

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