Bubba Gump

New Oarleans Shrimp

Chicken and Mashed Potatoes with Corn


Spicy Fish Pot Rice

What would you do after a long night of work? Ofcourse eat out with your friends... After a long night at the office, my friends and I thought of eating at Bubba Gump in Greenbelt 3. So we decided to go there and since I live just a few blocks away I can't say no. And yes here I go again taking tons of pictures.

We arrived at the restaurant a bit too early so we decided to just hangout and smoke until it opens. (We got there 10:30AM) By 11:15AM we were looking at the menu deciding if we're gonna eat rice or not. I picked spicy fish with rice. Sam ordered for pene. Paui opted for chicken with mashed potatoes and corn, Yum Yum! Che got the New Oarleans Shimp with rice. The food is a bit pricy but who cares? I love eating here and I love their food!

Our orders arrived after 20 minutes I guess and we enjoyed eating the food. Paui even said this is the first time she enjoyed eating something after a long time. We finished our lunch and started talking about work, our lives, relationships, and friends. We were having so much fun and were laughing our hearts out in the smoking section of the resto when suddenly someone from the bar said "cheers guys!". Being friendly and all we said hi to the guy who I think is in his late 40s. He was alone and we later found out that he's fil-am who frequents the resto. He's name is Jason and damn does he talk alot. Hehehe! We stayed for a bit more and talked with Jason and decided to leave the place at 1:30PM. Ofcourse we still need to sleep... Especially me since I still have work tonight. Unlike the rest who are off for tonight.

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wen said...

wow. seem like ur place are having such delicious food.

Ayan said...

The food is actually from a near by restaurant in a mall a few blocks away from my place. :)

wen said...

oh. hope I can visit philippines soon. Ingatz.

Anonymous said...

the bucket of boat trash is a must try :) pic here


Ayan said...

Yeah I've tried it before... Yummmmmmy!

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