Busy weekend...

Who said that weekends are boring? Not with me and my friends... hehehe!

Well I wanted to post these pics sooner but work has been so stressful I never got the chance to post them. But I decided I will post them today... Be ready with to scroll down... this would be a long post.

Saturday morning I got home and slept until 9PM. Met with my friends from the cruise. Ryan, Herel, JD, Benj and Jeff. We went to the Seven Eight Orange party at Warehouse.

There was light! - 2 seconds of it!

Shiny Disco Balls

Kris and me

Me, Kris and Ryan

The Gang


That night my friend Nat from Thailand called me asking where I am... apparently he just got back to Manila from Hongkong and wants to go out. He picked me up and we went to Malate.

The bars

Tor or Bottom?

Colorful Rainbow

Open Wide!


Got home 6AM Sunday and slept until 12:30. Went to the Sunday Market and bought some stuff for the condo at 1PM. Had lunch at Dusit with friends from Thailand.

D Lobby



Pork Wraps

Caesar Salad

Finally had dinner at Fraser... Faby cooked a lovely Dinner for everyone and I got to help her together with Demo. Thanks Faby!


Look mom I set the table!




We had massage after and I went on a date... who? Will let you know probably in my next blogs.

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