Busy Sunday

Ako rin!

Eto pa

Demo for Sale

Alabang Town Center

I'm so white here! Grrr!

Me and Demo

I hate Starbucks!

Fabs and Mortimer

Early Sunday morning I got a text from my Cousin Raven asking me to hurry and go to Fraser so we could workout and have breakfast there with Demo. I was already up when he texted me but I had this huge headache since I got to sleep pass 3AM... (edited)

It was around 9AM my cousin picked me up at the lobby of Fraser and we went straight to the Gym area. Worked out for a bit and headed off to the unit. I forgot that he has a photoshoot at Paranaque that day so after breakfast he kept on bugging me to go with him and Demo to the shoot! I was supposed to do some errands that day but since they asked oh so nice I had to give in again and joined them all the way to Paranaque plus Demo wants me to tag along since he will be waiting for hours all by himself. 1:30PM we arrived at the location of the shoot.

Demo and I decided to go to Alabang Town Center and have lunch and coffee while waiting for the shoot to end. Good thing we did... we had so much fun watching the people walking pass us while we were having lunch... we can't help but compare the shoppers here from the shoppers in Greenbelt or Glorietta or some other malls. I really liked ATC but I also noticed that ATC is not as nice as before.

7PM we were at Rustans buying some ingredients for tonight's dinner. Fabby and I prepared dinner for all of us back at Fraser. Plus we had a very special guest... Stephanie's date!

Well another busy sunday!

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