Thailand St formerly Rada Street

The Thailand Embassy Emblem

La Maison Rada Condo

The Lobby 2

The Lobby

I love my new place... It's close to everything. It's a 2 bedroom unit and it's just 5 minutes walk to Ayala and Greenbelt. I went there tonight and met up with my cousin who I will be spending the rest of my stay at our new place.

I wanted to move in earlier this month right after we left our old apartment in Wack Wack but I had to get the approval of my parents first. So this morning I just told my mom I can't travel back and fort to the office everyday especially that the office is too far from where our house is.

Anyway I decided to post some pictures of the place. It's called La Maison Rada Condo along Thailand Street (formerly Rada Street) in Makati City. The building is not really new but it's well maintained. It's situated in the middle of the Thailand and Austrian embassy.

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