Give the gift of smile


One in every 300 Filipino children is born with a cleft lip and palate. Unless reconstructed, these children are bound to endure a life of physical and emotional trauma. Many have difficulty breathing, eating, and speaking. This greatly hampers their ability to communicate, which further leaders to isolation, even abandonment.

By raising funds for cleft lip and palate operation and reconstruction, Angels of E from eTelecare Global Solutios Cebu seeks to bring the gift of smile, laughter, and a brighter future for children with such facial deformities.

You may take part in this mission by simply buying an E-Smile pin for just Php100.00. Your little contribution will go a long way in helping change a child’s future for the better.

If you want to buy the said pins you can get a hold of me by emailing me at ayan.deato@gmail.com and I will get them for you. The pins will be available by June 3. The said operation for the kids are scheduled on June 12.

Project of Angels of E of eTelecare Global Solutions - CEBU, in cooperation with Jaycees Mandaue (CEBU), and ABS-CBN.

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