My first day at the gym

I woke up pretty early than usual today... woke up around 2PM and decided to grab something to eat (technically that's was my breakfast). Slept really late last night (3AM) coming from Enchanted Kingdom. Check out my previous blog here.

I left the house around 5PM to go to Pan Pacific Hotel at Slimmers World International Adriatico Gym. I would have left earlier than that if my sister didn't ask me to help her with her pets (Gold Fishes). It was a good 1 hour travel from Valenzuela to Manila but traffic wasn't that congested today. I guess everyone's in the provinces for the holiday. Slimmers is on the 6th Floor of the hotel just 5 minutes walk from Pedro Gil's LRT station. I got there and talked to Ms. Agnes who at that time I think was already to step out of the gym but still was very accommodating and ushered me into the changing room while she takes care of my files. After I changed into my gym clothes I went back to the reception area but unfortunately Ms. Agnes already stepped out. The receptionist was very helpful though and referred me to one of the Gym Instructors by the name of Jeff. Well Jeff was nice and there's something about him that says he's all business and serious with his job. He started telling me what to do and I guess he noticed that it wasn't my first time to go to the gym so he told me if the weights are a little to light for me to feel free and add more. Surprisingly my first day at the gym was great. There were some small details though that they need to work on. There are only two shower rooms in the male's locker room. Not that it was a problem a while ago since there was hardly a dozen of us working out that time. The locker that they had me use was old and the lock was not working. Good thing I have my own padlock. Other than that everything was cool with me. The staff seem to be alot friendlier than the other Fitness clubs that I've been too. I'm looking forward to going back to the gym and having my free massage and facial that comes with the package I got. :)

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