The Magic Stays

I remember asking my parents to take me to Echanted Kingdom when I was a kid. Back then Enchanted Kingdom was the premiere theme park in the Philippines. It is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, about 26 kilometers (16.1 miles) from Manila. With a land area of 17 hectares (41 acres) it promises an experience worth the travel. Recently, one of the rides, the infamous "Space Shuttle" was on the news after it stalled / stopped dead on its tracks with 25 passengers got suspended in mid-air. This happened first on June 20, 2004 and again December 12, 2007.

I still took my chance and went on the "Space Shuttle"... why? Well for one it's already a tradition that I ride it whenever I go there. Another is because it's the best ride in the park aside from the Go Cart and the Rapids. I enjoyed the diving show that they have this summer with foreign divers performing really neat tricks on the diving board. Check out more pics here.


ziffor alejandro said...

i miss enchanted kingdom!

Ayan said...

you should go... re-live your childhood.

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