Sex and the City, a Top Grosser?

Here is the latest update regarding how our favorite foursome Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbes did in the Box Office:

Domestic Total as of Jun. 18, 2008: $124,319,097

Distributor: New Line Release Date: May 30, 2008
Genre: Romantic Comedy Running Time: 2 hrs. 15 min.
MPAA Rating: R Production Budget: $65 million

Domestic:$124,319,097 47.2% + Foreign: $138,800,577 52.8%
= Worldwide: $263,119,674

Unfortunately the film didn't score that much compared to the Monstrous hits like Spiderman, Shrek, Transformers. I have read some reviews like from The Tribune and most of the official reviews that I have read are not really good. Mostly were not captivated with the story like it did when it was shown at HBO.

So much for wishing a second part of the movie. I think this is not the best way to cap a historical series like Sex and the City. But still, the Sex and the City girls will be remembered as someone we have shared our lives with. Laughed, cried, fall in love with.

This is a re-post from my friend's blog about the SATC the Movie. I don't really feel bad that the movie didn't make as much as those other movies he mentioned because SATC has a captured audience (Adults) and those other movies are for General Viewing. I still love SATC and it made me laugh so hard when I watched it. I guess those who gave a not so favorable review on the movie are either fanatics of the SATC TV series expecting more or just plain clueless what the movie is about. Anyway I still think this movie is one of the best this year... Congrats SATC gang!

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