How Frank made Manila crazier!

Ok, so I'm referring to Tropical Depression Frank here. It was a Saturday and it was my first day to go to work on a Saturday! Explains the empty LRT1 coach which is usually busy with students and employees during rush hour. I already knew that there is a storm coming but there's just so many thing on my mind so I never really gave much thought about it. Work was as usual boring! Hehehe! Good thing I have my close friends at work to make life a little more interesting. A few hours before our shift ends me, Kweng, Brian, and Nori were in a conference chat while attending to each others customers. We started talking about work then about government and then Frank! We then realized that the storm has already arrived in Manila and when I had the chance to look outside the building, I could see the devastation everywhere. 6AM and we were told that it is unsafe to leave the office and the company will be providing shuttle service going to designated areas around the metro but it will take an hour to two hours for the buses to arrive. 10AM and still no buses! The rest already left and signed a waiver re our safety stating that the company will not be liable for any mishaps that could happen outside. Fine! Kweng and I decided to watch Incredible Hulk first since it's still raining hard and there still no way we can go home... we just don't wanna stay in the office I guess. We did some window shopping around Mall of Asia before watching the movie (which by the way is way better than the first HULK movie). While walking around the mall we passed by the toy store and saw this really nice Transformers mask! Yeah that's me!

Finally the rain stopped abit so we decided to try our luck. Kweng had a hard time going home since there's flooding everywhere. I even got an sms from her saying that she paid Php250 just to get home since the cab had to go around and take alternate routes. I on the other hand had the worst experience. Malabon is synonymous to flooding while Valenzuela is know for it's rivers... well rivers that overflow during heavy rains. You see Valenzuela, Malabon, Caloocan, and Navotas are low lying areas... cities below sea level surrounded by rivers. Go figure! All in all I'm still happy to be home safe and dry!

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