You hate Globe's new Unlitxt rates?

Alot of my friends who uses Globe can't stop but complain about the new Globe Unlitxt Rates. At first I didn't really pay much attention to it since I was so busy working and minding my other problems to pay attention.

Checked the internet for the new rates and got numerous articles about it but mostly complaints from Globe users. Here's an article from GMA 7's website:

"Globe Telecom will offer different rates for its mobile phone unlimited SMS service starting February 1.Ayala-owned Globe, the country’s second biggest mobile phone service provider, will replace its “Unlimitxt” offer with the “Globe Unlimited Texting” service that will come in four variants.

The company’s subscribers will pay P25 for a day of unlimited texting within the Globe network, with text messages sent to other networks costing P0.15 less, or P0.75 per SMS.Globe subscribers can also choose a daytime unlimited texting service which will run from 8 a.m. to 4:59 p.m. for P15 per day.

Subscribers could also opt for a nighttime unlimited texting service from 10 pm to 7:59 am at P10 per day.

The offer’s final version is the all-day unlimited texting service for P20, with messages to other networks’ subscribers at P0.90 per text.
At present, Globe’s Unlimitxt service provides heavy SMS users the option to send unlimited intra-network text messages for P15 for one day, P25 for two days and P50 for five days.
source and read more: Globe to modify unlimited text service"

Personally I don't mind if Globe changes the rates but they should have informed their subscribers ahead of time. Alot of my friends already said that they will just transfer to Smart or Sun. I wouldn't blame them but I don't think Globe wouldn't even care.

If you wanna petition against Globe Telecom's new Unlitxt rates go to http://www.petitiononline.com/glb20207/petition.html

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