Just migrated to the new Blogger

Hey guys! I just migrated to the new Blogger Beta, hence the new look and the new functionality. You can check out the site and if you find anything wrong or a bug please don't hesitate to message me. Added functionalities are as follows.

You can now view all my posts easier by date or by label. Yes, I started putting labels on every post. I'm still working on putting labels to all of my previous posts. Please bear with me cause there's a total of more than 500 posts here. Also you can give your comments at the side bar plus there is a new feature that allows you to get a snapshot of the sites that are featured or mentioned in any of my previous posts. If you guys also would like to make a donation you can do so via paypal. I will donate 50% of the amount that I will get from this blog to UNICEF.

Please wait for further announcements on the new features of the site.


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