We did it!

Ok I know it's kinda late but then again... here it goes.

In 2004, the Philippines entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of kissing couples, 5,327 pairs to be exact beating the previous mark of 4,445 in Chile.

In 2005, Hungary broke the record, in a kissing festival attended by 5,700 couples.

Last Feb 10, just after midnight and four days before Valentines Day, the Philippines is once again the titleholder of the most number of kissing couples as Lovapalooza 2007 recorded 6,124 pairs kissing simultaneously in a period of 10 seconds!

Woooh! That's alot of smooching! Anyway good thing it was a Saturday or I would be trap again in traffic going to work like what happened during the Pyro Tech Olympics held last January here at the Mall of Asia.

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