Syle EyeCatcher 6th Leg

The 6th leg of the Style Eyecatcher's model search happened last Saturday at the Shangri-la Plaza mall in Ortigas... my first time to watch the show and not really do anything... for a change! It was nice to see friends from the previous batch and it was nice to just be relaxing while enjoying the show.

Together with me were Raven, Patrick, Rhyme and Yo. The later two were there to support their respective girlfriends Imee and Princess. :) Ace came in the middle of the show. I had fun that night and would love to go to the finals night were all the winners of the 6 batches will compete for the ultimate title.

Imee landed in 3rd place and I'm so happy and proud of her for making it in the Final 3 of this leg... unfortunately she won't be joining the finals. But then again who cares? I'm happy she had fun, at least she got a spot. :)

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