Harry Potter's Penis gets a Standing Ovation

Is 17 old enough in Britain to be showing off your secret areas ? Were the British Namblas out in full force? Does it make ME a perv to wonder if it was wrong? Wait, we ran a photo of his ass. No. it's perfectly legal. Shut up!

The 17-year-old truly impressed with a bravura full-frontal display that earned him a standing ovation.

For his first leading role in the West End, Radcliffe chose Peter Shaffer's 34-year-old play Equus, where he plays a stable boy being treated by a psychiatrist for blinding six horses with a hoof pick.

The new performance comes as Radcliffe says he hopes the boy wizard dies in the seventh and last book of the series.

Oh, horsies! It whinnied! Was the standing O for the performance or for what he's twerking with? That's any guy's dream. Acclaim for your junk.

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