Goodbye Jomai! We'll miss you!

Jomai Cascante

A friend of mine passed away last May 7. I was thinking of posting a blog about him before but didn't had the chance to. I was browsing my Multiply account and found myself in my friend Kim De Guzman's Blog. I'm talking about my friend Jomai Cascante. We didn't really got the chance to talk or spend time that much... I guess it was because we were both busy with work and I had to leave the country for some time way back, but he's a common friend of most of my close friends.

I got a text message a day after he died and he asked me if I know Jomai. I said yeah I know him but we're not that close. He then replied "dude he passed away...". I was shocked and couldn't absorb it. How? Why? When? Where? How could this happen? I even remember texting him back... "Is this a joke?" Finally realizing that my friend wasn't joking.

According to Kim's blog... "The way he died was so sudden. He died because of brain tumor; no one was expecting it, I'm sure not even him. He was in the hospital since Thursday, 3 May. 4 May, he had seizures and Saturday, 5 May, he was brain dead. His family decided to DNR him on the same day I think."

We will all miss you Joms! Hope you find peace and happiness up in heaven.

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