Why I'm not cut out for my job...

Time does pass by so fast... come July 2 I will be regularized. In the past months of my stay in this company as a Case Manager, I realized that I might be in the wrong profession. I say that proudly and defiantly for the following reasons:

1. I love sleeping at night! I hate waking up at night and sleeping at day. I need my beauty sleep.
2. I look too young, too boyish and too nice.
3. I don't refer to myself as the "Case Manager" or "Tatay Ayan" to my rep babies.
4. I don't carry a briefcase or wear fancy office clothes.
5. I hate deadlines - I don't need extra stress.
6. I detest kissing ass. I hate "using my connections."
7. I hate being the ash-tray for other people's issues.
8. I have a short attention span.
9. I'm too transparent with my feelings.
10. Not a lot of Dreamy Case Managers out there.

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Yayan said...

hi ayan, i think i know how you feel.. i feel the same way too.. if only i have a choice -- sigh...

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