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We're now on our 3rd day of our Leadership Training here at Dell. Yesterday's topic was Building Effective Teams where we learned alot about how important each step of the development process of a team is and how to address certain issues that arise from the forming especifically during the storming stage until it reaches the norming and finally the performing stage.

We had this really fun activity yesterdat called the "Egg Drop" challenge. We were divided into 3 groups and tasked to build a device that will allow an egg to withstand a free-fall, vertical drop from 10 feet, hitting the target without breaking. The conditions are that we may only be able to use the provided materials and tools with the following limits:

20 straws
3 feet of masking tape
2 feet of string
1 plastic fork
1 egg
1 ruler

In addition to this only 1 person at a time may leave the table and investigate other designs being developed by the other groups and is limited to 10 minutes of investigating.

After planning and discussing with the team we decided to use the straws to cushion the egg when it falls use the strings and masking tape to make the straws stick to the egg and some straws deliberately stick out to help in absorbing the initial shock when the egg false.

Out of the 3 teams two were able to make their device work but as you would notice all 3 devices have the same idea and design.

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