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Just had my principal interview today for a position at Star Cruises and I hope I get the job as a cruise staff.

By the way for those who are not familiar what Star Cruises is here's something from their website www.starcruises.com

Star Cruises, the third largest cruise line in the world is a global cruise brand with a combined fleet of 21 ships in service and under construction, with more than 32,000 lower berths, cruising to destinations and islands in Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Hawaii, Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mediterranean, Bermuda and the Antarctica under the Star Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL America, Orient Lines and Cruise Ferries brands. A letter of intent has been signed for another newbuild with an option for an additional ship.

Vessels operating under the Star Cruises' brand in Asia-Pacific are SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Gemini, Star Pisces, MegaStar Aries and MegaStar Taurus.

The NCL group has a fleet of fifthteen ships in service and under construction under three brands: Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL America and Orient Lines. The NCL fleet includes the Norwegian Dream, Norwegian Majesty, Norwegian Sea, Norwegian Wind, Norwegian Sun, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Crown and Norwegian Spirit. The Norwegian Jewel is scheduled to be delivered in August 2005 whilst a fourth newbuild, yet unnamed is presently under construction. Norwegian Sea is scheduled to join the Star Cruises' fleet in September 2005 and renamed SuperStar Libra to be based in India.

NCL America currently operates the Pride of Aloha, which will subsequently be joined by the Pride of America in June 2005 and The Pride of Hawaii in April 2006 . Orient Lines is an award-winning single ship line with the Marco Polo offering niche destination-focused cruises.

Both NCL and Orient Lines market primarily in North America but also extensively in the UK, Europe, South America and Asia whilst NCL America offers inter island cruises in Hawaii.

The Cruise Ferries brand, which was launched in 2001 presently, comprises the m.v. Wasa Queen.

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