Dude, ang cute... pink!

When you hear the names of Brad Pitt, Keannu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham what comes to your mind? You’re right! All these guys are blessed with good looks and are branded metrosexuals. These are the guys who believe in making sure that they look great all the time.

Metrosexuality is the rooted in the concept of narcissism or vanity of men. The Filipinos are slowly catching up with the idea and it’s no longer a taboo for Filipinos to pamper themselves in salons, spas and commercialized gyms in the metro such as Golds, Slimmers, Fitness First just to name a few thereby setting the standards higher to the majority of the Filipino guys.

Contrary to popular belief, metrosexuals don’t get the girls or their dreams as easily as most people would think. The main reason is because, not all ladies dig the fact that their boyfriend is as or even exceeds their vanity.
Media is partly to blame for the emergence of these beauty loving men because media dictates what is beautiful and what is not. Media made it easier for self-proclaimed male showbiz metrosexuals to become vocal about undergoing facial treatment, liposuction, and other self-enhancing cosmetic operations.

To sum it all up, men becomes vain because they just want to be accepted by the society and acceptance sometimes entails a certain standard of vanity.

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