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My Kenneth Cole Watch
My Kenneth Cole Watch,
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Got a Kenneth Cole watch as a gift from my better half the other day and was so happy with the watch so I decided to share some tips on buying the best watch for you.

What do you have to consider when getting yourself or someone a watch? Of course, the watch's primary function is to be able to tell the correct time but there are also things you have to consider like the design / style, technology, brand and of course is it worth your money. You also might want to think of the right watch to wear on what occasion. Are you gonna wear it for day, evening, sports or just for leisure.

Let's start with the design / style. Watches can be worn in different occasions depending on its style. For day and evening watches the classic ones would work. If you engage in sports on the other hand getting a watch depending on your need without compromising style is the best. If you need a watch that's water resistant or a watch that keeps track of your heart beat that would depend on you. If you are into fashion colours, style, brand, bracelets and shapes are things you might consider looking into.

Technology is also something you should consider. Would you be more interested in getting an automatic, kinetic, eco-drive, or a quartz powered watch. Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Might want to ask your watch dealer which will best suit your needs.

The brand would usually depend on your budget but then again who needs an expensive watch if you just want to use it to give you the correct time. Then again if you are into functionality you might want to invest on a watch that you can use for a long period of time.

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