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He came from Alabama. She came from Oklahoma. Both places are a long way from Hollywood – literally and figuratively – and there’s only one way these two small town talents could have ever been seen by big-time record producers. Only one way they would ever have had a chance at getting in front of a major record label. American Idol. Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood took the same first step over 100,000 others did this season. They stood in a long line and waited days for their chance to audition for American Idol producers.

They easily passed the first two rounds, which put them on a collision course with Randy, Paula and Simon. The excitement and accomplishment of making it through to this point could be wiped out with one bad comment. But the three judges know real talent when they see it, and Bo and Carrie were easily sent through to the Hollywood round.

Months pass between the original audition and the trip to Hollywood. Upon arrival, Bo and Carrie are merely two of the 200 plus who were good enough to make it this far. Bo immediately stuck out. His long hair, carefree attitude and rock singing made him vastly different from the typical Idol contestant. Carrie, with a more traditional look, was separating herself from the pack with her country stylings. The cuts starting coming. 120 left. 60 left. 50 left. When the final 24 were announced, Bo and Carrie were part of the mix. Everybody knew they were good. But could they dominate such a talented field?

This year saw a change. Rather than groups of 8 performing once in an effort to make the finals, 12 guys and 12 girls would have to perform for three straight weeks until the final 12 was determined. More pressure, yes, but also more of a chance for the truly talented to shine. Bo and Carrie quickly announced that they were here to stay with great performances in each of the semi-final rounds.

When the finals began, there seemed to be five or six clear cut favorites. But as the weeks progressed, and contestants were sent packing, it seemed more and more obvious that Bo and Carrie would stick around for a while. Their images, while staying true to themselves, became flashier. Bo started wearing sunglasses inside. Carrie tried new hairstyles, new clothes. More importantly, they stuck to the songs that suited them. And as Constantine, Anthony and Vonzell dropped out, only Bo and Carrie were left standing.

In the CARRIE UNDERWOOD proved to be the better performer with her powerful voice that wowed the crowd at the Kodak Theater and around the world. Congrats Carrie!

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