The new and improved Friendster

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So I guess you already noticed that cool new welcome page in friendster. (if you have one... you have one don't you?)

I've been using Friendster for 2 years now and basically saw how the site improved. There was a time when messages would be delayed by 3 sometimes 5 days, bugs when you try to update your profile, pictures not showing up and many more.

Friendster has come a long way... now it introduces a number of new features like chat, friendster blog, and photo album.

Although these features are not yet free from bugs like the chat (that originally was intended to be used by users from Canada during it's first implementation --- but there's a trick to it... you just need to change your location to show you're from Canada and there you go). Its own Friendster blog (as if there's not enought blogging sites out there... hehehe!) and its own photo album that is taking too slow to load.

Anyway I guess Friendster is here to stay... besides it's the first of its kind that really made its mark and the rest... well just followed.

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