Been out of the weather since Sunday (coming from my long vacation). I think I had too much alcohol. Too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad! Hehehe! I took meds for the liver and it gave me comfort after... The thing is, last night when I thought I was feeling better, it happened again. Ok, I'm a workaholic! I still went to work although alot of my friends have been telling me not to. I just had to go. I was absent for two days (wed and thurs) because there was a problem with the scheduled leave due to some changes in our shift.

My co-workers are so sweet! They wanted me to die! Just kidding! I was having a hard time breathing this morning and had to go to the clinic for the first time since I worked here in Dell. The nurse was accommodating but I guess he wasn't sure if I was just faking it because I was cracking jokes here and there! That's me... even in times of emergency I still get to show my funny side! Anyway they checked my Blood Pressure and Pulse and found nothing wrong with me. The nurse asked if I have asthma... I said I used to have when I was a kid but that was a long time ago! Dang! I don't wanna have asthma now that I'm older! That's just too WEAK!

They then said I may just be suffering from an ANXIETY Attack! Who? Me? I don't think so! I mean, I don't totally love my work but it pays the bills... I was just doing an impersonation of Ryan from American Idol infront of my co-workers when I started having a hard time breathing again. Anyway, I'll try to sleep early today and see if I feel better tonight.

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