Things I learned from my first Holy Week in Galera

*** I should have ditched work in exchange for this a long time ago!
*** It doesn't matter if ur staying in a hotel or a rundown lodge as long as you're with your friends
*** You can never get enough sleep once you're there
*** Do not try to be who you're not... just be yourself and enjoy
*** The masseuse are not so good... but it helps when your body aches from all that walking and swimming
*** Don't forget to put sunblock! It's so hard to sleep at night when you have sunburn all over
*** Here, your values will be tested... dami temptations... learn to say "NO" because at the end of the day that makes you different from the rest
*** If you wanna run away from the chaos of Manila, this is not the place for you!
*** If you wanna save money bring a friend who knows how to cook and get a place with a kitchen
*** Mag-ingat sa mga magnanakaw! I know so many people who lost their mobile phones, cameras, iPods while partying
*** Everywhere you turn you'll see so many beautiful people... although I'm not as beautiful as they are, I'm lucky cause I look better than most...
*** If you happen to already have a partner, treasure and love him/her... if he/she is not with you always keep in touch and say how much you love him/her
*** After a long vacation being home is still the best

*** and 12:30 in the afternoon is way to early too start drinking!

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