Ayan's Lifelist

I've decided to make my own lifelist just to keep everything aligned in my life. I'm not sure if I get to accomplish everything but at least I have a guide of my priorities.

This list ain't complete yet... I'll update this every now and then.



- Get a leaner and more toned and defined body
- Get that job abroad (Airline / Cruise)

Within the next quarter:
- Get 6-pack abs
- Buy a car for my family

Within a year or two:
- Buy a nice laptop to replace the old iMac at home

Long Term (a.k.a "I wish" or "probably not in this lifetime") Goals:
- Buy a nice place for my family or have our old house renovated
- Get to travel the world and learn their culture
- Open a business thru the help of my friends... probably somewhere in the line of Travel , Food, or Services

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